07/24/11 7:00 PM
Schottenstein Center
555 Borror Drive
Columbus , OH 43210
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VIP Check-in Information: Please meet at the Main Box Office and bring your photo ID. The VIP coordinator will then check you in and distribute your VIP laminates. Please arrive NO LATER than 3:45pm.

  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Jul 15, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. KortneyLachei avatar

    On Aug 2, 2011, KortneyLachei said:

    Does anyone have any pics of Brian during soundcheck that they could send me... i really need some.. thank you! :)

  3. Dee avatar

    On Jul 29, 2011, Dee said:

    I did not do VIP in Columbus, but I heard that Nick did the tour.

  4. Franca Sparaco avatar

    On Jul 29, 2011, Franca Sparaco said:

    Please who did the tour

  5. Lisa avatar

    On Jul 29, 2011, Lisa said:


  6. JLynn1186 avatar

    On Jul 29, 2011, JLynn1186 said:

    the pics are up in the media section and its less than a week. I say good job Justin! Awesome pics

  7. chesire avatar

    On Jul 28, 2011, chesire said:

    Seriously...lay off him...and people wonder why they don't like certain "fans."

  8. Brittany avatar

    On Jul 28, 2011, Brittany said:

    Ok, ok...I shouldn't hate on Justin lol. Just when you pay that much money, you expect a little more? I never thought it would be this long. I'll be out of town all day tomorrow so maybe Saturday morning my picture will be there waiting for me :)

  9. iluvmynicky avatar

    On Jul 28, 2011, iluvmynicky said:

    Wow. People are so mean sometimes. I got your back, Justin! ;)

  10. amyb89 avatar

    On Jul 28, 2011, amyb89 said:

    Ladies u need to be patient Justin handles alot of stuff while on tour he not only takes the pics but is in charge of the soundcheck parties as well and countless of other things. I know we all paid alot of money for the soundchecks but he is doing the best he can :))

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