Atlanta, GA

08/22/13 Time TBA
Chastain Park Amphitheater
4469 Stella Dr NW
Atlanta , GA 30342
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Fan Club Presale: 6/12/13 at 7am - local market time

VIP Sale: 6/12/13 at 12pm - local market time
*Fan Club Presale will be hosted on the Ticketmaster System.  You will receive a unique password via email after midnight PDT the evening before your presale.*
*VIP Sale hosted on - you will not need the unique password, you simply have to log into your account to purchase*
  1. charles estrada avatar

    On Oct 28, 2013, charles estrada said:


  2. charles estrada avatar

    On Oct 28, 2013, charles estrada said:


  3. anmorris01 avatar

    On Aug 26, 2013, anmorris01 said:

    They've got the m&g pics up this afternoon, btw! :)

  4. anmorris01 avatar

    On Aug 26, 2013, anmorris01 said:

    Sorry those were all the videos I got. Wish I had gotten the Q&A

  5. KarahLeigh avatar

    On Aug 25, 2013, KarahLeigh said:

    Did anybody get video of the Q&A... I'm the one that said I'd already read Nick's book and wondered if the other guys had.

  6. KarahLeigh avatar

    On Aug 24, 2013, KarahLeigh said:

    Yeah, there's nothing uploaded yet. Just the cover photo.

  7. holtdob avatar

    On Aug 24, 2013, holtdob said:

    Is anyone else having problems with viewing their photo? Are the albums there and just no photos ?

  8. KarahLeigh avatar

    On Aug 24, 2013, KarahLeigh said:

    The crew in the black security t-shirts were not with BSB. They were probably local hired helped the venue got.

    And the only way Q would ever yell at someone is if they did something wrong.

    I wish more people took video. I asked a question at VIP and haven't seen any videos on YouTube yet. (was about Nick's book)

  9. anmorris01 avatar

    On Aug 24, 2013, anmorris01 said:

    I had a great time too! I know it was a lot to pay to just sit there, but I can't dance or nothing and therefore would've looked like a complete fool and didn't want to trip over cables either lol. I was fine was sitting there and enjoyed it. It was amazing to look out and see the place packed. If anyone has pics from that part please let me know. The pics I had someone to take with my camera you can't see me because Kevin was in the way in all of them. I was on the side behind Howie and AJ. :( Would just want a couple good ones to have though. Thanks.

    I didn't have no one tell me to turn my flash off...I didn't use it that much and I was even on the front. Staff did a good job to tell people to go back to their seat..well during Jesse's set anyway. After I came back from getting off the stage some girl was standing in my spot and I said Excuse me and she left I think and two others had worked their way right between my chair and table and they got to stay :\ But I enjoyed it so much!

    Here are a few videos I just got uploaded from the show!

  10. julesm87 avatar

    On Aug 24, 2013, julesm87 said:

    Wow I guess we were lucky not to have the encounter with the staff in the black shirts like that. I want to think they may have been Chastain staff or it could have been GroundCtrl I dunno. Actually one of them asked as we were leaving if we had a good time and such. I was one of the ones on stage and yes there wasn't much interaction but me and my two friends on the front on the right had a blast. We got love from AJ, Brian and Kevin and we had fun singing and semi dancing in our spots...Now just wish had some good video of it...LOL

    The only issue we had was with the teenyboppers there for Jesse McCartney sneaking down and standing with friends at the tables up front.They had to be told several times to leave since they did not have tickets for that section.

    Had such a good time in the VIP though...Justin is the greatest!!

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