03/24/11 7:00 PM
Quan Khu 7 Performing Stadium
Hoang Van Thu street
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  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Feb 3, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. BedtimeDelicious avatar

    On Mar 24, 2011, BedtimeDelicious said:

    Who did the backstage platinum VIP tour for this show?

  3. frack_inma avatar

    On Mar 22, 2011, frack_inma said:

    cant believe there are still VIPs...

  4. Nike Carter avatar

    On Mar 20, 2011, Nike Carter said:

    Done!! Platinum.. :D

  5. Denise Canella avatar

    On Mar 13, 2011, Denise Canella said:

    So, i live in Brazil and we made a Fan page on facebook Facebook for AJ and the boys ;)
    We get start too, with twitter =) We're post some pics, infos and more :)
    Enjoy us, and say for all friends
    and look in our twitter profile, and enjoy too in the other pages

    Welcome, girls!

  6. Fransisca avatar

    On Feb 28, 2011, Fransisca said:

    can anybody in charge for this web reply us about VIP? cause it written in to look at this web for VIP... please anybody, its march already... appreciate ur help

  7. Jobot935 avatar

    On Feb 26, 2011, Jobot935 said:

    Are we getting VIP for this?

  8. John Dinh Nguyen avatar

    On Feb 13, 2011, John Dinh Nguyen said:

    You can buy tickets here:

  9. Lisa avatar

    On Feb 6, 2011, Lisa said:

    HOLY COW, VIETNAM?????? Be safe there boys...

  10. Nike Carter avatar

    On Feb 4, 2011, Nike Carter said:

    Only Vietnam in Asia this year??? The boys usually have at least 2 countries for Asia every year :(

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