Orlando, FL

06/01/10 7:00 PM
Hard Rock Live
6050 Universal Boulevard
Orlando , FL 32819
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VIP INFORMATION: Please arrive at the venue box office by 4:00pm the day of the concert to pick up your VIP pass. You will need to bring your photo ID to attend this event. A very limited number of VIPs will be made available at the door. Please be by the venue box office no later than 3:30pm if you are looking to purchase a VIP.
  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Feb 3, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. luckylinz15 avatar

    On Jul 18, 2010, luckylinz15 said:

    What an AMAZING show! The fence thing they put up between us and the boys sucked at VIP. But oh well. It was still cool to get a pic with them! Is anyone going to see them in Ohio?

  3. WishWeWereCruisin avatar

    On Jun 9, 2010, WishWeWereCruisin said:

    Why were the boys behind a barricade type thing for our VIP pictures? Is it the venue that chooses how the boys take group pictures with the fans? It seems like the other VIP events at other concerts allowed the fans to take group pictures with the boys without anything blocking them. That's not fair : (

  4. jennavas avatar

    On Jun 9, 2010, jennavas said:


  5. Flappie & Niki avatar

    On Jun 8, 2010, Flappie & Niki said:

    OMG I loooooove my pics! Just for us dutchies before the fences!!!!! Thnx again to Q! Dutchies Love You! Next tour you will see us we will have a shirt for you!!!

  6. Yelena avatar

    On Jun 8, 2010, Yelena said:

    Im glad that the pics are up! :)

  7. WishWeWereCruisin avatar

    On Jun 7, 2010, WishWeWereCruisin said:

    Glad that the pictures are finally up, but we aren't very happy with our picture : (

  8. debbie cruz avatar

    On Jun 7, 2010, debbie cruz said:

    Pictures are up! I love it

  9. Lindsey_BSB&AJLover avatar

    On Jun 7, 2010, Lindsey_BSB&AJLover said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the pictures up!!! They are great!!!

  10. Whits avatar

    On Jun 6, 2010, Whits said:

    The VIP pics will be posted up on the Tour page, next to where the VIP and ticket sales links were for the date. It can take a couple weeks, depending upon how busy the schedule has been.

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