Napa, CA

04/11/10 6:00 PM
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Napa Valley Opera House
1030 Main Street
Napa , CA 94559
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We are inviting you to join us for an exclusive and intimate evening with the Backstreet Boys in Napa Valley, CA on April 11th, 2010. The Boys will be performing an 8 song ACOUSTIC set at the Napa Valley Opera House and want to invite you to come down and spend the evening with them. We hope you can make it out! This is going to be an evening you won't want to miss.. CLICK HERE TO LOOK AT THE SEATING CHART
  1. AmyC avatar

    On May 4, 2010, AmyC said:

    Would anyone be willing to part with the special poster? I would pay you a bit through paypal if you'd like. I'd love to have something very special and unique for them to sign on the cruise since it doesn't say right now if we will be given anything.

    If someone could post a picture of it, that would be GREAT!


  2. Julianna avatar

    On Apr 18, 2010, Julianna said:

    They should definitely do another one of these events. It was so much fun and well put together! Thanks for a great evening.

  3. Julia Jurkiewicz avatar

    On Apr 16, 2010, Julia Jurkiewicz said:


  4. Vanessa avatar

    On Apr 14, 2010, Vanessa said:

    I saw a few Marc!

  5. Marc C avatar

    On Apr 14, 2010, Marc C said:

    I felt like I was the only guy going ape shit in the crowd. Were there any other male fans other than me? lol.

  6. Julia Jurkiewicz avatar

    On Apr 13, 2010, Julia Jurkiewicz said:

    thank you!

  7. sarahleigh avatar

    On Apr 13, 2010, sarahleigh said:

    It was awesome to see you up there playing. It's a great example of how awesome the whole night was! I was next
    to your friend (Jenna, i think?) at the concert.

  8. Julia Jurkiewicz avatar

    On Apr 12, 2010, Julia Jurkiewicz said:

    What an honor it was to be able to play cello with them on stage last night! I've been reliving the memory in my mind all day. =)

    Check out the videos on youtube posted by fans who were at the show:


  9. Areli LT avatar

    On Apr 12, 2010, Areli LT said:

    It was definitely one of the best nights of my life!
    Thank you guys and groundctrl staff!
    I got hugs from all of them and got my soundcheck pic from last year signed by Nick and he kept my sharpie lol
    I'm afraid of how my picture will turn out though 'cause I was acting stupid going back and forth o_O oh well...I had lots of fun! :D

  10. kalina18 avatar

    On Apr 12, 2010, kalina18 said:

    It was a FANTABULOUS intimate evening with the boys we call Backstreet!! They are funny, sweet and gosh darn cute...just as I expected them to be. I wish the night never ended! AJ: thanks for the hug and telling me that your aunt and I share the same name. ;) Lots of Love and Aloha to the boys. Can't wait to see you guys again in SF in June!

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