04/20/12 Time TBA
Odyssey Arena
2 Queens Quay
Belfast BT3 9QQ
United Kingdom
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  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Jul 15, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. kezza79 avatar

    On May 9, 2012, kezza79 said:

    ooooh! what can i say that was one of the best if not the best concert i have been to i was right at the front the girls round about were so friendly and what an atmosphere fantastic the guys owned that stage, would like another tour again please nkotbsb and just bsb :D xxx

  3. ShellyH avatar

    On Apr 26, 2012, ShellyH said:

    So is anyone extremely annoyed at the bad quality photographs from this year? I think with the amount of money we saved to do this day, it's ridiculous. We were rushed around (not brian's fault) and the security guy with him was the rudest man I have ever met.
    Not happy this year

  4. S-Class avatar

    On Apr 25, 2012, S-Class said:

    We were in row B of the South Tier, which was front row, cause they had Row A blocked off. You spoke to my friend? Who are you? :) I know she was talking to a guy and there was also a girl with a white shirt and (I think) brown shorts by her as well.

  5. USER avatar

    On Apr 25, 2012, USER said:

    Where was your seat then if it wasn't in the standing section? Because I thought people were only being chosen from the standing area because it was easier access to the stage, and there are no seats anywhere near the stage if the ground floor is standing. I know because i'm from here. I was so jealous hehe! But i'm glad it was your daughter because I would have been so much more jealous if it had been someone my age. I think my brother and I spoke to your Canadian friend whilst you were still in Platinum V.I.P :)

  6. S-Class avatar

    On Apr 24, 2012, S-Class said:

    We were not in the standing section, we had a seat. I would have never in a million years think she would freeze up there judging by her natural outgoing personality, and little girls have been on stage before. It happened to her, it could have happened to a 30 year old. A lot of people were around her age when they became fans. There is no too young or too old to be chosen. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.

  7. Hamunaptra avatar

    On Apr 24, 2012, Hamunaptra said:

    hehehehe sorry all the venues are O2, Arena... they are all the same. Of course i don´t judge, it´s only a tiny girl, it´s not her fault, but she was too young to be on the standing area and to be on the stage, as we all could see. But it she enjoyed the show, good for both of you :)

  8. S-Class avatar

    On Apr 24, 2012, S-Class said:

    If you must know, the reason she was crying before the show was because she had made a sign for them and put glitter around the letters, but the glitter didn't dry on time and it got splattered all over so she was upset they wouldn't like it and wouldn't be chosen. She very much understood what was going on and it's all she could talk about before the show (I had shown her videos of other shows, which is how she knew people could go up on stage) and after she got off stage, she just froze up there. You shouldn't assume anything about or judge people you don't know just by what you see. And by the way, it was Odyssey Arena in Belfast, not the Leipzig Arena :)

  9. Hamunaptra avatar

    On Apr 24, 2012, Hamunaptra said:

    I am happy for you and your girl for it, but we all think the little girl didn´t enjoy it, she was even crying before the concert. But if you are the mother and you say she was really happy, you are the person who knows your daughter best so we can only talk about what we saw :)

  10. Hamunaptra avatar

    On Apr 24, 2012, Hamunaptra said:

    If the little girl only speaks Spanish and it was a shock, why would anybody want that for a little girl if she was not enjoying it? To say look my little girl is with the BSB even if she doesn´t understand what is going on. I wouldn´t do it, honestly the whole Leipzig Arena was wondering how would anybody do that to a poor little girl who doesn´t understand what is happening.

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