11/12/09 6:30 PM
Odyssey Arena
2 Queens Quay
Belfast BT3 9QQ
United Kingdom
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VIP INFORMATION: Please arrive at the venue box office by 3:30pm the day of the concert to pick up your VIP pass. You will need to bring your photo ID to attend this event.
  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Dec 23, 2012, Djéssica said:


  2. ShellyH avatar

    On Nov 11, 2009, ShellyH said:

    well folks its the big day tomorrow. excited much!! yay. is anyone else going on their own to the vip (platinum)?

  3. nickfreak avatar

    On Nov 11, 2009, nickfreak said:

    hey guys one day left!! do any of you know if we need to collect our concert tickets b4 the vip or can we do it afterwards as im going with 2 others and one isnt doing the vip but i booked all the tickets..also does the person who owns the credit card need to be present to collect the concert tickets? thanks!

  4. jojo avatar

    On Nov 10, 2009, jojo said:

    Wud luv to go to this, was at liverpool sc. Wud b brill gig with so few at it! U think they'd let me bring in my 5 week old baby? Lol! X

  5. barbm218 avatar

    On Nov 9, 2009, barbm218 said:

    how can you tell how many have been sold?

  6. titch18 avatar

    On Nov 8, 2009, titch18 said:

    it starts at 4.30pm. I waited an hour at Glasgow, i don't recomment uncomfortable shoes coz you have to stand in a queue until they are ready to let you in. Some ppl did turn up adter 3.30 and it was fine

  7. Jessyca avatar

    On Nov 6, 2009, Jessyca said:

    anyone has an extra "good" concert ticket? :)

  8. Dede avatar

    On Nov 5, 2009, Dede said:

    Please come to Brazil next, pls pls pls
    We need you in Brazil... Where the dates???
    We wants VIP in Brazil

  9. Kerrylouise83 avatar

    On Nov 5, 2009, Kerrylouise83 said:

    oh my god, i'm so mad! my brother said he'd pay for a gold vip for christmas for me but my parents have talked him out of it!!!! how bad is that??? Wonder if i could convince him to buy me the silver....... ha ha x

  10. Brye avatar

    On Nov 4, 2009, Brye said:

    gosh, so few VIPs sold ... It makes me wanna buy one. But already going to Dublin. I'm tempted but should stay reasonable. aaaaaaaaahhhhh

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