Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS

  1. Backstreetsoldier0815 avatar

    On Jun 2, 2013, Backstreetsoldier0815 said:

    I'm falling in love with nick all over again :)

  2. Moon avatar

    On May 26, 2013, Moon said:


  3. Mariale McLean avatar

    On Mar 14, 2013, Mariale McLean said:

    OMG A.J you look so sexy i love you <3

  4. Pia Campos avatar

    On Jan 16, 2013, Pia Campos said:


  5. Pia Campos avatar

    On Jan 16, 2013, Pia Campos said:

    aj love tattoos! make you look so sexy!

  6. VaneFrack avatar

    On Jan 16, 2013, VaneFrack said:

    that cute pic of AJ & Nick<3

  7. Johana C. avatar

    On Nov 21, 2012, Johana C. said:

    AJ I adore you!!!

  8. Maddie avatar

    On Nov 20, 2012, Maddie said:

    Beautiful picture. Nick smiles leave me with no words. Aj I would like to see those beautiful eyes ;)

  9. Areti avatar

    On Nov 19, 2012, Areti said:

    Oh! i'm fall in love with that smile...........<3<3<3<3<3<3

  10. Scarlett McLean avatar

    On Nov 16, 2012, Scarlett McLean said:

    Hubbies #'s 2&3!;)

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