Welcome the first Backstreet Girl: Ava Jaymes McLean

Congratulations to A.J. and his wife Rochelle on the birth of their new baby girl, Ava Jaymes McLean!

"Rochelle and I are thrilled to officially announce the birth of our baby monkee Ava Jaymes Mclean. She arrived at 4:51am on Nov 27th weighing 7 pounds and 7 ounces. We are so in love with our bundle of joy and happy to have started our family now.
-Love, AJ"

Leave your congratulations for the new family in a comment below.

  1. Dri Mclean avatar

    On Apr 22, 2013, Dri Mclean said:

    Happy, beautiful babe ♥

  2. gfra82 avatar

    On Mar 29, 2013, gfra82 said:

    Congratulations...she 's wonderful... <3

  3. Kristy Trost Salazar avatar

    On Mar 9, 2013, Kristy Trost Salazar said:

    awwww....first girl amoung BSB:) she came 3 days before my due date then Dec 4, 2012 i had my little girl Renesmee

  4. Alinora avatar

    On Feb 27, 2013, Alinora said:

    A little girl among all the BSB boys. :) Congrats!

  5. Aunt Denty avatar

    On Feb 23, 2013, Aunt Denty said:

    congratulations to u both i have two boys and a girl and they are the best things in the world, enjoy eery moment with her because the time will pass so fast and befor you no she will be climing EVERYTHING lol xxxx

  6. masqueradefan1234 avatar

    On Feb 16, 2013, masqueradefan1234 said:

    a.j is father!!!!!

  7. Kimberleyx11 avatar

    On Feb 5, 2013, Kimberleyx11 said:

    Congratulations AJ, she is beautiful & you are a amazing daddy!

  8. Michelle Evans avatar

    On Jan 28, 2013, Michelle Evans said:

    It's a couple months late, but congrats you guys!! She's another AJ McLean :)

  9. sammantha avatar

    On Jan 28, 2013, sammantha said:

    omg thats the day before my son turned 4.... i've loved you guys since i was like 7 and i'm 21 sharing your music with my son!!

  10. Jenni Stephenson avatar

    On Jan 26, 2013, Jenni Stephenson said:

    Congrats!!!!! BAbies are the BEST! Good luck and remember.... Sleep when you can! :)

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