1. NicksCanadianQT83 avatar

    On May 15, 2011, NicksCanadianQT83 said:

    what's the address to still order the cruise dvd... anyone know?

  2. Michael avatar

    On Apr 27, 2011, Michael said:

    Got the DVD on Monday, watched it, and, I am sorry, and no offense to the boys or to anybody that put their time and effort into this, but for $50 when all was said and done, it should be longer than an hour. It by my know means lived up to the expectations I had about it. I thought it might be something I watch over and over again, but unfortunately, I don't think I will be watching it ever again.

    I did like to see my name though.. that was cool.

  3. Jodie avatar

    On Apr 26, 2011, Jodie said:

    still waiting for my dvd

  4. CYNnkotbsb avatar

    On Apr 20, 2011, CYNnkotbsb said:

    i've re eive mine but : total of the dvd 39.95 dvd + 47.82 for shipping and handing + taxe of ups 34.95
    total 122 dollars for a stupid dvd

  5. Amanda avatar

    On Apr 19, 2011, Amanda said:

    why hasnt mine shipped yet?!

  6. Amanda avatar

    On Apr 19, 2011, Amanda said:

    why hasnt mine shipped yet?!

  7. Salena avatar

    On Apr 19, 2011, Salena said:

    Whoo hoo! It's shipped!! Hope it's here in time so I can watch it to celebrate the Boys anniversary ;)

  8. AmyC avatar

    On Apr 18, 2011, AmyC said:

    @s__rod #backstreetboys Cruise DVD's have cometh! Packing and shipping these bad boys all day #groundctrl twitpic.com/4mibps

  9. Nadia avatar

    On Apr 18, 2011, Nadia said:

    Anyone knows when the DVD is going to be ready???

  10. Amanda avatar

    On Apr 15, 2011, Amanda said:

    Well looks like I am not booking a cabin for the cruise this year.. I had to beg my boyfriend to go and I wanted to show him last years before we booked it and since it was suppose to ship in February I figured I would have enough time. Guess I was wrong cause it is now April 15th, the cruise has been on sale for a week now, and still no DVD! What is going on?! This is horrible marketing and the Boys and their fans deserve wayyy better service then this!

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