Wish Howie A Happy Birthday!

Is everybody ready for the big day?  Howie's birthday is on Wednesday, August 22nd.  Get Ready!

Wanna help us celebrate Howie's birthday?  You can send him a custom greeting by clicking right here:

So what are you waiting for?  Join in on the fun now and wish our boy Howie a Happy Birthday!

  1. dilky avatar

    On Nov 3, 2012, dilky said:

    Happy happy happy happy birthday howie.and long live backstreet boyssssss.

  2. Polina N avatar

    On Nov 1, 2012, Polina N said:

    Happy Birthday! so sorry for the late message :) you rock

  3. wafa avatar

    On Oct 20, 2012, wafa said:

    happy birthday Howie

  4. lunaaa avatar

    On Oct 7, 2012, lunaaa said:

    happy birthday

  5. Clau Carter avatar

    On Sep 9, 2012, Clau Carter said:

    I love it!! Howie rocks!!

  6. Rhenren avatar

    On Sep 5, 2012, Rhenren said:

    Happy Happy (late) Birthday Howie. :)

  7. AshleyT avatar

    On Sep 1, 2012, AshleyT said:

    Happy Belated b-day Howie! :)

  8. avatar

    On Sep 1, 2012, said:

    We Both Share The Same Month I Love it!!! Happy B-Day My Beautiful Big Brown Eyes!!!

  9. pietuna avatar

    On Aug 26, 2012, pietuna said:

    Belate..Happy birth day..happiness love

  10. ChristinaBilger avatar

    On Aug 25, 2012, ChristinaBilger said:

    Belated Happy Birthday

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