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  1. So I've never been on a BSB cruise and have wanted to go for a long time. I'm afraid now with all this Covid stuff that they may never do it again. I feel like if I never go that I will have missed out on a once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully I'm wrong and they'll be back at it in a few years when the world has worked out how to cruise safely, but it worries me. Anyone else have thoughts...

  2. Hello! I'm just curious and if anyone wants to give their thoughts. If the tour does happen this Summer. How are they going to do the pit section safely, and social distance especially if its packed in those sections?

  3. As ever I don’t have it with being up to date with the news specially my e-mail. One day you say how many of hundreds e-mails have I on my e-mail ehhm 600? 700? Well how about cleaning it? And then you see weeks ago a mail where you see Nick Carter and part of a subject Croc & Roll and Keyword Mask singer.. Some more weeks pass and you decide to take out of the box of...


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