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  1. i heard a bsb song on the radio technically 3 days in a row... dont go breaking my heart (friday) quit playing games with my heart (saturday) i want it that way (saturday night/ it came on around 12:30 am) #backstreetweekend ????

  2. Hi there all over the world, Just wanted post a quick shout out to all of you cause I miss the BSB being on tour toooooo much. How are you feeling? Due to COVID-19, hopefully, you are all safe and healthy. Kisses from Germany, Anne

  3. Hi everyone I know it's been awhile ,but so much has happened since I posted a blog. Well went for my usual memogram ,then clinic calls me says need to redo memogram as dr couldn't read the last one also did a alturasound then I'm told you'll need to get a biopsy as found something omg no !!!! Finally time to see dr again as biopsy results, she told me no cancer but I'll need to get a...