1. Sarah Warren avatar

    I am a little upset at 1iota. They seem unfair when they distribute tickets to events I was the first one to put my ticket request in for all three things for the VMAs the pre-show the pit and also the stage and I got a email back saying that none of them were avail because I know that I was one of the first people to put my request in way back like four five weeks ago when they first opened...

  2. Cassandra Gay avatar

    Hey! Though I haven't been around the BSB fan club for long, I would love to do a meetup at the casino and if you have PIT that maybe we can get a group together and we can be near each other! I think concerts are so much fun and even more fun with the friends you make! Who is up for this

  3. Emma Hill avatar

    I’ve done meet and greet before, but I have a random question about if you have meet and greet, then a vip table.. if you have a few ppl that are at your table not doing M&G with the rest of you.. do you have to walk out of meet and greet to get them before you all head to your table or can they just meet you at the table.. I know you can walk out of meet and greet after you are done but I do...