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  1. Azreen avatar

    Hi, anyone here with the tickets mentioned? Just want to know if VIP ticket holders (NOT referring to Meet n Greet!) are planning to queue very early at the venue or just arrive when the gates open? Actually I don't quite understand how "exclusive" this VIP ticket is other than a separate entry to the venue from the other ticket holders.

  2. BrainHasMyHeart avatar I just had to do a blog congratulating Nick and Lauren Carter. I am so glad that they did a exclusive with ET. It was so heart felt and had me in tears but happy tears. I love how protective and manly Nick is. He is such a wonderful father and will protect her with...

  3. Shannon L avatar

    I am so stoked to be seeing the boys in Japan on October 13th. It just so happens to be our 7 wedding anniversary and 12th as a couple so it made this date so much more exciting. I was hoping to get some Meet and Greet tickets but I was not as lucky. I am just happy that I get to see the show and the boys :):)