1. zulema loves backstreet boys avatar

    lucky congrats!

  2. momluvbsb avatar

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy every minute!!!

  3. ShipMom avatar


    I've been a member since last year. I however have been a fan from the beginning. I have two sons and named them after the boys. :-) That's how dedicated I am. I was in shock that It was me, still am, so very grateful to have won. Apply for the twitter contest, there's still another chance hon. ((hugs)) and good luck. My legal name is Marjorie, but I go by Marge you can find me on twitter @shipmom

    Everyone thank you for your congrats. It's been a few weeks since I found out, and still can't believe it's real. So excited. Everyone apply for the twitter contest. Dreams do come true so don't give up. XO

    Marge S.

  4. Holly avatar

    why is the twitter contest not showing on the contest page?

  5. Holly avatar

    why is the twitter contest not showing on the contest page?

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    There is no Marjorie Shipman on the FC, not at least with that name, but she probably used a nickname.

    Am curious thought what type of member she is, longtime member like most of us or just someone that signed up a few weeks ago to join the contest ...

    I am green with envy as you probably noticed :-)

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    Congrats to the winner!!!! =)

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    Congrats to the winner! :)

  9. Unmistakable0821 avatar

    Yay its my friend Marge!
    She is soooooooo deserving of this.
    Congrats to her :)

  10. Unmistakable0821 avatar

    My friend Marge won! She just FB-ed it! Horrayyyyyy! She super deserved it!
    Congrats Marge