The Search Is On For February's SOTM

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Listen, Backstreet fans don't mess around right? We wouldn't be here if the BSB Army wasn't made up of some of the best fans in the biz. We're looking to highlight a very special solider each month as 'Soldier of the Month.' All you have to do is answer the following question in the text box below (less than 100 please!).

Question: What BSB song is your Valentine's Day anthem and why?

Each month's soldier will receive:

+ Personal tweet/follow from the BSB band account

+ 1500 points

+ A feature piece on

+ A special bundle of BSB goodies

+ Permanent bragging rights

+ And more ;) 

Check back here in the contests section at the top of each month to sign up to be SOTM!


- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligable for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit. 

  1. almiux avatar

    My valentine's song is Yes, I will ...
    Because it's a song that inspires me to say, I will, I'll walk with you to your side. A song for a lifetime commitment.

  2. Sweet Rosette avatar

    My BSB Valentine's Anthem is "How did I fall in love with you?". I keep playing it over and over and it hits me straight in the heart every time. I always feel that sting of falling in love, even when I am not in love in particular. I feel the butterflies in the stomach. Just the thought of Howie D singing it, makes me fall in love over and over. It is also a nice song about how friends fall in love with each other.

  3. Nini K avatar

    "Song for the Unloved" is my Valentine's Day anthem for many reasons. This song is inspirational, uplifting, and beautiful! It has helped me through a lot of hard times (even during Valentine's Day). Remember: "tomorrow the sun will shine, and dry the tears in your eyes. Suddenly love comes alive".

  4. sweety dorough avatar

    My valentine's song is I'll never break your heart,because Howie serenade me in Hamburg in 2012 at the nkotbsb tour and that night was the best of my life so I was maked my dream come true...

  5. LenniluvsBrian avatar

    Get Another Boyfriend as I have never had a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I'm always single and left out of all the romantic stuff. The dog is always my Valentine.

  6. BSBGirl75 avatar

    " The One " As it says I am not alone on Valentines Day. I have my friends and family and that's all I need.

  7. Cindy07110 avatar

    I would have to pick Best That I Can. Even though it's unreleased, it's always been one of my favorites. From the first time I heard it I knew it would be my wedding song - and it was! I got married in September and used it for our first dance. The lyrics fit so perfectly and mean so much to be (on top of how much I originally loved the song!)

  8. fuzzy21 avatar

    my Valentine's song is as long as you love me because
    I think that's a great song for Valentine's day

  9. littledoll avatar

    Mine would be .breathe and permanent stain cuz they are the new songs BSB has out there. Why go back to the past? For one, I have been missing my love for the longest time and my preference is the man who will have a permanent stain in my heart, a choice and decision one makes for all,lifetime, not just a temporary mark.

  10. Stephanie avatar

    My bsb Valentine's Day anthem is yes I will because when u find true love nothing else matters but them and the life u share

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