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We're looking to highlight a very special soldier each month as 'Soldier of the Month.' All you have to do is answer the following question in the text box below (less than 100 please!).

Question: With Vegas on a break and the last FGL show complete, how will you be keeping the backstreet pride alive until the next BSB event?

Each month's soldier will receive:

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+ A feature piece on BSB.com

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+ And more ;) 

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- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit. 

  1. Diana Angelica Romo Galindo avatar

    OMG, I always keep the keep the Backstreet Proud Alive since 1998, I always listen your music since then, now Im 32 years old, I have two little nieces and one nephew who has 3 years old and now they sing every song of backstreetboys because I am always listening Bsb music, I never stop to see videos with my little people on bsb YouTube channel, we love to sing songs like "I want it that way" "As long as you love me" "Get down" "Larger than life " and "Everybody", We spent fun time together, I live in Monterrey, México and I never miss a show here in my city and now Im going to Cancún, I excited about that....now the coundtown is on ;) Love you so much Boys <3 <3 <3

  2. SelGlez avatar

    Omg! Backstreet Boys are always alive in my lige since 1995 The first time that I listened to their music I was in Junior High School. Im a fan and I had the chance to go to MEXICO CITY in 2011 This is Us tour It was a dream come true. Im a teacher and I ALWAYS put backstreet boys music and they always ask about you.So I give a lesson to them about you and know each generation that I had called to me BACKSTREET TEACHER! Also they noticed that wheb I saw that tou are comming to CANCUN I started to look for info to get the tickets now I show them that I bought my tickets ???? And now Im counting hours to get my meet and greet OBVIOUSLY my STUDENTS will know it. Because everyday they asked to me about how is everything for the concert. My husband knows that Im a big fan and he is going to take care of my 3 years baby girl. We are doing a big big effort $ to go to CANCUN and that I can enjoy a time by myself on the concert with you. EVERYDAY YOU ARE ALIVE.. ON MY FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM.. And I use your EMOJIS

  3. Maritzamp avatar

    I always keep my backstreet pride alive! Was not able to go to vegas being a single mom I could never afford it but I did see the boys at ktuphoria this year with my mother and last time I saw all the boys in concert was with my mother in the fifth grade! I listen to the boys all the time and have gotten through so many things because of their music! The backstreet pride is carried not only by me but my children they love the boys The best part is listening to my 11 yr old son and 4 and 9 year old daughters singing their favorite bsb songs or picking up from daycare and having my daughters teacher ask me how my four year knows all the words to I want it that way or listening to my 9 year old tell me that she introduced her friends to bsb. backstreet pride doesn't end its always strong!

  4. Dawn avatar

    With friends tempting me to go to Atlanta to see Nick in October for Walker Stalker and BSB in Cancun in December, I still have lots to think about. But mostly I am going to prepare for Feb in Vegas where I will be celebrating my birthday over the last few shows there with friends. I can't wait to go VIP for those days. In the meantime I can listen to old music and imagine what is to come and try to organize my thousands of digital pics of the boys.

  5. Allyrok05 avatar

    I will keep the Backstreet Pride alive by making sure everyone and anyone I run into I let them know all about how awesome BSBVegas is. My husband who went with me to Vegas couldn't understand why we would fly all the way from Nashville to Vegas for a concert... he complained about it for months leading up to...how could I spend soooo much $$$ on these guys and it just went on and on and on.... we went to two concerts while we were there. I also made sure that we did other touristy things while we were on vacation so it wasn't truly " All about the boys " as my husband kept saying it would be..... on the way home I asked my hubby so what was your favorite thing that we did, he coyly looked at me and said " The concerts"....and that my friend is why we sent $$$ and based our whole vacation around the boys :)

  6. Jennifer Varnum avatar

    Besides listening to them daily and watching their videos, as well as videos fans have recorded throughout the years, I plan to keep the Backstreet pride alive by creating my own fan tribute video to Brian Littrell, which has been in the works for the past month or so. I also go on twitter and follow BSB, also share what they are doing on my facebook profile so my friends can see it too.. whether they want to or not LOL. I take the chance to talk about BSB whenever I get the opportunity. I feel BSB needs more recognition for their work and I will not stop until everyone I know, knows these guys and can appreciate all their work over the years.

  7. aLiKi avatar

    BSB Events are not "en vogue" in Europe lately but the longing becomes sweeter now that our Boys have announced their World Tour 2018 for the upcoming new album. Following them on Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter is helpful because we get to know what they are up to mostly anytime of the day. The Backstreet Boys pride is being alive since for ever. Until we all get old it will be healthily spread and with lots of love and emotions. Next Dream to come true: buy a VIP Meet and Greet when they will come to Ireland (I am saving up already).

  8. Nikki Morales avatar

    I have been a BSB fan since their very first US stadium tour when I was in the 3rd grade. I still have my shirt that I wore to the concert! I've seen them about 20 times live, including finally meeting Nick Carter at a meet and greet on his All American tour. What an adventure its been as a fan. However, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called GIST that is incurable back in Feb 2017, after purchasing tickets to the June 17 BSB show in Vegas. Even though I was extremely sick and in a wheelchair, my husband and I decided to make the trip anyways. Being in a wheelchair in the GA section, I couldn't see anything, but the security guard pushed me right up front and all the boys stopped by to hold my hand and make time extra special. I love them so much! They are amazing men. Being the SOTM would mean everything to me.

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  9. _SouffleGirl avatar

    I guess that being an European fans have given me lots, lots, lots, lots of patience. lol My last concert was back in 2014 so I've been keeping the Backstreet Boys's pride alive since that date with no other shows. Sometimes it's hard, especially when you get to hear all your friends talking about meeting the Boys, seeing their pictures, knowing that they will always have more chances than you. But, at the end, it doesn't make me feel less fan. I still blast their music when I'm doing houseworks and I'll be sure to blast their songs on my daily trip to work; I still try to get a follow or just interact with the Boys on Twitter and half of my conversations during the day are about them.
    But Boys, please, come back to Italy so I might finally meet you. =)

  10. Narnia avatar

    I keep BSB pride every day.

    I manage a page of facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Backstreetboys-México-286517607348) and twitter ( @BSBFlashMexico)
    I update news, photos.
    Also Semptiembre is my birthday.

    I'm promoting the BSB concert in Cancun
    and preparing for my next trip to Cancún in December =D

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