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We're welcoming 2018, the boys' 25th anniversary, and looking for the first Soldier of the Month for the year. Could it be you?

To enter, answer the following question: What do you think is the most significant moment in BSB history and why?

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  1. Iris Schmid avatar

    Hello BSB team,

    For me the most significant moment in BSB history was, when I heard that there will be a BSB residency in Las Vegas. This is such an honor for this amazing group to perform on a permant base on the LV Strip and get in touch with the fans. I attended the show already 6 times and can not get enough of it. Now I can combine my favourite vacation destination and my favourite boyband :-)
    BSB brings us fans together - I traveled alone from Europe to LV and I met soooo many great friends while waiting for the concert / VIP / ASP - I enjoyed this a lot... so there are many significant moments for me and hopefully more to come...

    See you soon - your German fan Iris

  2. Aj1919 avatar

    There really is way more than just One significant moment in bsb history. From touring high schools around the country to going over seas and make a name for themselves internationally and to finally break through with quit playing games with my heart in the U.S. going around the world in 100 hrs. Breaking free from Lou and becoming one of the most iconic boy bands in history. So many iconic moments too hard to just come out with one. The larger than life Residency would have to be one of those moments that stand out what an accomplishment to still be a band of brothers after all these years we as fans have truly been blessed with being able to see BSB perform after damn near 25 years. One moment I will never forget though was at the CMA’s when Backstreet Boys took on that stage with Florida Georgia Line and performed Backstreets back and had all them Country stars on their feet sing and dancing along. What a beautiful moment that was to see everyone dance and sing to bsb.i can’t wait for this World Tour it’s going to be amazing another significant moment in BSB history. Take care everyone god bless .

  3. Taryn Pow avatar

    The most significant moment in BSB history was the release of the single, I Want It That Way in 1999. The song is pop genius and permanently cemented the group in music history. The accompanying album, Millennium, catapulted the band from famous to mega-famous (who could forget the time the BSB shut down Times Square on TRL?). In addition to the album and hit singles, the tour for the album was completely out of this world and proved to fans and skeptics alike that the Backstreet Boys were here to stay.

  4. NJL720 avatar

    I would love to meet Nick Carter

  5. Nicole Pella avatar

    The most significant moment in BSB history is when the complete group came back together performing in Vegas! I was at that show and it was the first time I met the band members! Crossing the #1 item on my bucket list! Thanks Backstreet Boys! Will never forget as I had been to many shows in Ontario Canada but never had the opportunity to meet you guys! Brian even mentioned how he recognized me which was awesome! Hope you guys may perform in Ontario some time as Vegas is kinda far....

  6. Sean Robinson avatar

    In my opinion, the most significant moment of Backstreet Boys history is either the Backstreet's Back tour of 1997 or the release of "I Want It That Way" in 1999. Both moments, I believe, are of high significance because of how much the popularity and awareness of the group increased. The tour in 1997 is a significant moment on history because it rose awareness of the group in 60 different countries, gaining fans from all around the world. The release of I Want It That Way in 99 is also very significant due to it being one of the most well known tracks in music (along with Everybody/Backstreet's Back). This song is important to me because of it being the song that resulted in me becoming a huge fan of the boys. The first time I listened to it, I fell in love with it, and I needed to hear every other song by the Backstreet Boys. I don't know if these are significant moments in history to anybody else but they sure are to me.
    The Backstreet Boys are amazing, always have been, and always will be, and I know for a fact that I will be a fan until the day I die. KTBSPA and love BSB!

  7. leyelizabeth21 avatar

    I think the most significant moment in BSB history is probably when Kevin returned for the 20th anniversary. I was born in 1991, so other than Disney, BSB has been one of the most consistent elements in my life for as long as I can remember. Although the guys have taken time to pursue solo careers, the phrase "as long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again" has never failed us. Seeing Kevin return, as well as the guys having the opportunity to create their first independent album with In A World Like This, made me realize that like them, I am in this for the long haul. I loved the albums when BSB was a foursome, but you know what? I felt WHOLE when Kevin finally came back. My love for BSB never died, but I feel like I love them more now than I have in years. I'm grateful to have seen BSB in concert three times, and cannot wait for the next opportunity that comes my way! KTBSPA <3

  8. Justin Burris avatar

    The most significant moment is when they did there documentary, I have always liked them but seeing there story from there eyes makes it more personal. They are just like us they have trouble pasts, they have heartbreak, it made them more relatable for me to know that whatever happens you just have to keep going, the sky is the limit.
    They opened up and showed emotion, that's not something we get to see very often.

  9. PalmTreeParadise avatar

    I think the most significant moment in BSB history is their residency. The boys have had many successes with their albums and tours. This residency has allowed them to celebrate their successes with thousands of people night after night. And it has allowed them to get recognition again!

  10. RosalindaResendiz avatar

    When they get the first numbrer one around the world with I'll Never Break Your Heart

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