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Calling all soldiers! We're looking for February's Soldier of the Month. Could it be you?

To enter, answer the following question: If you could plan the perfect Valentine's Day concert, which five BSB love songs would you pick and why?​

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  1. Priscilla3394 avatar

    The Backstreet Boys are known for many things, but perhaps one of the most defining features of their music is their catalogue of romantic love songs. When I think of the perfect Valentine's Day concert with BSB music, I think of listening or slowing dancing to heartwarming love songs, or even being personally serenaded by the Backstreet Boys singing a love song.

    My five BSB songs that I would pick for the perfect Valentine's Day Concert:

    1) All I Have To Give - if I could choose the most romantic lyrics in all of music history, it would be the lyrics of this song. There's nothing more a woman wants to hear than a guy pouring his heart out, just like the way the Boys do singing this song. Every girl wants to hear the words sung by Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie, and Kevin in this love song. And deep down, every woman wishes to hear the man she loves say: "Everything I have is for you" and "Without you, I don't think I could live" and "I wish I could give the world to you." And as the Boys make clear, even if the man you love can't give you fancy, expensive, or luxurious things in life... none of those material things should really matter, as long as that man loves you and wishes he could give you the world. His intentions, the fact that he wants to give you "gifts from the heart" and his character - listening to you when you talk, being there when you need him the most, and spending time with you - is what really matters in a relationship.

    As Long as You Love Me - The song's chorus expresses true, unconditional love, which is every woman's dream. "I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you did," as the Boys sing, is what every girl wishes to hear from a guy. Women want to be accepted and loved without limitations or conditions. Plus, who wouldn't want to see the boys perform their iconic chair dance?

    Shape of My Heart - Women know that men make mistakes. Men have flaws. Men don't always do the right thing. And in this song, Brian begs: "Baby, please try to forgive me." Women understand that men won't be perfect in their relationship, but it's really romantic when your guy is willing to admit the wrongs he's done and ask for forgiveness, and is then willing to win your love back by showing you shape of his heart (figuratively, of course!). Because isn't part of being in a relationship learning to forgive your partner and loving them even though they are imperfect and sometimes make mistakes? That's exactly what the boys are singing here.

    I'll Never Break Your Heart - Here, the Boys are saying how they promise to treat their ladies with utmost respect, kindness, and care, and how they will do better than the guys these ladies have previously dated. Almost every girl has had her heart broken at least once by a previous lover and felt like they'll "never love again." But in this song, AJ, Nick, Brian, Kevin, and Howie are on a mission to prove that they aren't like those other guys because they'll never break your heart, they'll never make you cry, and they'd rather die than live without you. What can get more romantic than that? The boys' voices are gentle, patient, and understanding... this is what every girl wants to hear after ending a prior relationship and wanting to find new love.

    Safest Place to Hide: A more mature love song, yet one that many couples could relate to. In this song, the Boys make it clear that when times get tough, which happens in all relationships, your man will want to lean on you and find comfort in you. Your man will seek shelter in the love you share, because, as Nick cries out, "You see colors no one else can see... you understand me like nobody can." Every couple will experience "storm[s] raging outside" and it is these difficulties which make them stronger. AJ's verse summarizes the entire song: "When this whole world gets too crazy, and there's nowhere left to run... I know you give me sanctuary. You're the only truth I know, you're the road back home." That's true love on a very deep level and the type of love every girl desires to experience personally on Valentine's Day and every day of her life. In planning the court, I'd ask the Boys to perform this song acapella, because every heart in the room would really feel the love, and a few tears might even be shed listening to their beautiful voices.

  2. Stumpy_NZ avatar

    I would have the lads come out on our Barge, play this set accousticlly.. around the fire will I cuddle my girl.. but Ill chime in for Safest place to hide.. and then Drop a knee..

    You can't let go
    Safest Place to Hide
    I want it that way
    Love will keep you up at night
    Poster girl

  3. Katie avatar

    For me, the word "heart" is synonymous with being a Backstreet Boys fan. One glance at BSB's discography and you'll be sure to note that there are a lot of songs with the word "heart" in them. Hearts are also synonymous with Valentine's Day. As Backstreet Boys fans for over two decades, the Backstreet Boys have always showed us the shape of their hearts and never broken our hearts. Therefore, the theme of the five songs I would pick for a Valentine's Day concert would be song titles that start with each letter of the word "heart."

    H: How Did I Fall in Love With You-Does it get anymore romantic than this?
    E: Everyone-The song professing their love for us as fans.
    A: Anywhere for You-As a fan I have to say this song because it is one of my all time favorite Backstreet Boys songs, plus how romantic is it to have someone who would go anywhere for you?
    R: Rush Over Me-This is an underrated unreleased gem that I would love to hear the boys sing in concert someday (cruise 2018, perhaps?).
    T: The One-Throughout my life I have gone through many difficult times and I know that the Backstreet Boys will always be "The One" there during the toughest times to lift me up.

    Can't wait to head to Vegas later this month to celebrate Valentine's Day with my five favorite valentines! <3

  4. Tyger_eye avatar

    If you could plan the perfect Valentine's Day concert, which five BSB love songs would you pick and why?
    This was a difficult task but I tried to choose songs that both reflected how I felt about love and how it reflects in Valentine's Day. It wasn't easy because each song is good for different reasons. But here is my list.

    1. Time - It reflects about where the relationship is going, about the future goals that is set for myself and how I see love evolving.

    2. Yes I Will - Reminds me of the wedding vows and the promises made between man and woman in a serious committed relationship.

    3. Breathe - Reflects for me the feeling when you are hit by love it leaves you breathless. And as life goes on leaves me with breathless moments of feeling love from those around me.

    4. Shape of My Heart - The vulnerability of the human emotion and how we experience love. To me it shows how much the love of others has an affect on us and can make us stronger as well.

    5. Love Somebody - This song is wonderful because its upbeat and it reflects the feeling I get when I want to yell at the top of my lungs how in love I feel in the moment.

  5. Mary Wockenfuss avatar

    It was so hard to narrow my choices down to just five songs. But here they are, in no particular order:

    TRUST ME - Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, and in this song, the guy invites her to trust him as they embark on their own.

    DROWNING - This one almost doesn't need an explanation for how beautifully it sings about the lover's feelings, and how strongly she affects him.

    MAKE BELIEVE - This relationship can be anything we want it to be. Leave the world outside; it's just us.

    YES I WILL - a wonderful promise to the girl of just how much he loves her and all he's willing to do for her.

    SAFEST PLACE TO HIDE - This song just has a beautiful message: that despite, or maybe because of, the craziness in the world, she is his safest place to hide, the one he loves with all his heart.

  6. Gail Kizlyk avatar

    Ooo only 5 eh? (Hello from Canada!)
    1 As Long As You Love Me: my fav BSB song, this was the peak of my teenage love for the boys, this is always be my go to BSB song.
    2 Siberia: A bit of a heartbreak love song, but you have to balance the romance with some heartache. I love singing along to this one!
    3 Love Somebody: Written by our boys Nick and Howie and the ultimate shout it from the rooftops kind of love and upbeat song! Love this one!
    4 Shattered: Again another heartbreak song, but soooo good. In love you can identify with heartache as much as real, true love.
    5 Just to be close: Take me back to 1995, oooooo,oooooo just to be close to ya, yo, drop the a flower to a tree, thats how close i wanna beeeee, bop bop ooo, to your heart, baby to your heart...... haha, oh how many times I have listened to this over and over! This album was my first CD in my DVD player in my room. I remember thinking, wow I dont have to flip the cassette over. THIS IS LOVE!!!
    Happy Valentines Day All!

  7. NJPoznanski avatar

    SOLDIER - My husband has always been there for me. I have Epilepsy and depression. I was in a previous mentally abusive relationship before him. He has helped me through all of it. He is my rock.
    DROWNING - Every day I fall more and more in love with my husband. Its not just the way he provides for myself and our daughter but the little things too like when I'm sick he will get me my favorite candy or get her a tiny little toy when she is sick. A piece of jewelry while he away on trips just to show he cares and is thinking of us. He never forgets to call us and always take the time out to listen to us. Its little things like that that keep me falling more and more in love with him
    THE ONE - there is no one more important to me then him he is my one
    ANYWHERE FOR YOU - Because there isn't anything i wouldn't do or anywhere I would go for him. He has always been there for me.
    I PROMISE YOU - because just like when we met and said our vows and had our daughter, there is no one I mean it more. I can just look at him and smile and feel true love even when he is asleep or sitting next to me.

    These in my opinion are the most romantic songs. Every time I hear them I think of my husband. He is my rock, my salvation, my one true love my everything.

  8. Marymora23 avatar

    I'll pick these songs, because they are beautiful and they are true, when you are in love
    1. The one
    2. One in a million
    3. As Long As You Love Me
    4. All I Have To Give
    5. Helpless when she smiles

  9. aLiKi avatar

    The 5 most romantic songs for Valentines would be:
    1.What makes you different
    2.Anywhere for you
    3.As long as you love me
    4.All I have to give
    5.I’ll never break your heart

  10. Katiebsb4ever avatar

    I would pick
    1. I'll never break your heart
    2. Yes I will
    3. Never gone
    4. Still together
    5. Darlin

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