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Calling all soldiers! We're looking for March's Soldier of the Month. Could it be you?

To enter, answer the following question: If you could add a song to the #BSBVegas setlist, what would it be and why?

Make sure you answer the question in the comments section below and then click the 'Sign Up For This' button. You must complete both tasks to enter!

Each month's soldier will receive:

+ Personal tweet/follow from the BSB band account
+ 1500 points
+ A feature piece on
+ A special bundle of BSB goodies
+ Permanent bragging rights
+ And more ;) 

Check back here in the contests section at the top of each month to sign up to be SOTM!


- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit. 

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. If I could add any song to the #BSBVegas setlist, what would it be and why?
    I would add “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of.” This inspirational song not only talks about their struggles, but also provides us with encouragement to deal with our own personal obstacles. This motivational song invites to challenge ourselves to be better, reach our highest potential, to fight for our dreams and show the world what we are made of. Please play this song to the #BSBVegas. The world needs more songs like this one. <3

  2. Oh this is hard...there are many good songs to add.

    If I HAD to choose...back to your heart. Since Vegas is mainly focused on old before Kevin left stuff....back to your heart. It was written by Kevin and is a very classic BSB song. It would make a great addition.

    My back up is show em what you're made of.

  3. Oh good Question hmmm: I would say Feels like home or Everyone.

    Are 2 cool songs. My son and his class always dance to Everyone thats to funny.
    And Feels like home, is a song with good vibes. A song for all fans a round the would. Made us feel like a big Familie

  4. If I could add a song to the #BSBVegas setlist I would definitely add "The Perfect Fan", just for the simple fact that it honors all MOMS. Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. They provide the holding place for everyone’s feelings and do their best to keep us from being hurt. When you want to climb the tallest mountain, your mother will make your lunch for you. She is the one who will support your dreams when no one else will.

  5. The song I would add to the Las Vegas set list would be “Feels Like Hone” because I love the beat of the song and it pays tribute to all the places they traveled to and all their fans from all over the world. So many fans are traveling to see them and it would be a fun way to shout out many of the places !

  6. If I could add a song to the #BSBVegas setlist it would be "Back To Your Heart"! It is a classic BSB song. It's beautiful and shows off their vocals amazingly. It's one of my favorite songs of theirs! And who doesn't love that little bit at the end where the guys have different counterparts? Their words and voices mesh together perfectly!

  7. If you could add a song to the #BSBVegas setlist, what would it be and why?
    Mine would be Perfect Fan. My mom is the reason I became a fan in 1997 when she bought me Backstreet Boys on cassette randomly without knowing anything about them. The rest is history because she fell in love with the boys and the music as much as i did. Side note: was slightly worried back in the day she would leave my dad for Kevin lol. My mom took me to my first concert in 99 for Millenium and loved how the Boys brought moms and daughters up for the song. Perfect Fan holds a special place in our hearts and Mother’s Day cards have often referenced the lyrics.

  8. Have you ever had a friend say "but all I wanna know is where the party at?" If so, you can direct them to Vegas because that IS where the party's at! Because of this, if the Backstreet Boys were able to add one song to their #BSBVegas setlist, I would pick "Let's Have a Party." Vegas is the ultimate celebration of their nostalgic history so why not bring back an oldie but a goodie? Additionally, many of us in the fandom see their Vegas residency as a way to have a party and celebrate something going on in our lives - be it a birthday, bachelorette party, or even celebration of an engagement, pregnancy, or job promotion. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Vegas just last June and had a blast! The BSB Vegas residency is the ultimate party for a Backstreet Boys fan, especially as BSB celebrates 25 years together this spring, so if BSB ever choose to add "Let's Have a Party," I'll be in the front row, throwing my hands up in the air and movin' to the groove, yeah! ????

  9. This is an easy one! 'If You Want it to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)'!

    They sang it a few cruises ago, but now that everyone is even older, it would make it even more awkward! 40somethings (and Nick) singing it would be hysterical. We can't pretend the song doesn't exist, I mean, it was on their first album...

  10. If I could add any song to the #BSBVegas Setlist I would choose “Show Em What You’re Made Of.” This song is beautiful uplifting powerful song with a great meaning behind it because they wrote it for their children. This song means a lot to me because I have a learning disability that I struggle with everyday some days more than others. This song encourages me every single day to never give up and keep going. To fight for your dreams and show everyone what you’re made of. Reach for the stars.. This will always be dear to my heart. KTBSPA

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