We're Looking For November's Soldier of the Month!

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We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as November's Soldier of the Month.

To enter, answer the following question: Why are you thankful for BSB?

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Each month's soldier will receive:
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+ Permanent bragging rights
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- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit. 

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Why I am thankful for BSB?

    The one big reason is that they give me Motivation to go on! Even when you are very sad and deep down in the darkness, there is always sunlight! I have been Backstreet Boys Fan since 1996! - I love all the Guys! Most of all Howie - he is my favourite - and through these years , the music and boys have helped me very much! Since 2011 I am living abroad and very far away from my family! I left something behind.. the past, my friends and family and everything what I had at home. I went on the road of soul-searching. The road is been very hard! My second year in Germany I god bullied at my work place. It was so bad that I was my lowest. I did not speak with my family so much, i was always alone, closed up in my place, sad, I wasn't happy at all. I was down in the edge to lose to will to live. I tried to too stuff what I really loved in order to get out of the place. In that dark period I listened a lot BSB music because It made me smile and happy. I remember that I was home.. just listening the music of BSB and cried. In some point I knew that whatever it is,.. whatever will be.. I need to continue to find my happiness and to be happy. I have to come out of this place and I need to find my sunlight and joy!... I missed it all so much.. in order to be happy and enjoy my life..I have taken so much steps.. they are small ones but in the end they count.. now after so many years.. there are still things what is still not ok.. but I am stronger than ever! I am smiling again, I am feeling happy and most of all I enjoy life! It is not always 100% ok, but it will be.I know know now that I wasn't the bad person! the People who made me feel bad, where the ones!! Each time when I turn BSB music on, I just smile and feel myself happy and relaxed! The music has power to heal!!! Depression is illness, what robs away so much from you. Lucky are those who win the fight with the positive results! I am very thankful! I thank you all for that my dear Boys! I thank you that you allow us to be part fo your journey and I am thankful of my life, happiness and the joy what I have! I am stronger than I was! I will be loving the life always and forever!

    Thank you my Boys!

    With love,

  2. I am thankful for BSB because they are a constant light in my life. My love for those boys (and their love for us) helped me find my people. My worldwide family, who share my passion for music, adventure, and 5 incredibly talented, kind, and gorgeous men! The boys truly make dreams come true in ways I never knew were possible. Love you all!

  3. I am thankful because they ways lift my spirits. They are there in the good and bad times. They have been a part of my life and will always be. Thank you for being you.

  4. So many reasons! They have brought me joy since I was 15 years old. Made me happy growing up when I was the awkward kid without many friends. They gave me an outlet through life’s hard times introduced me to other fans who made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for loving them so much. Their kindness and love for their fans is what I’m thankful for most. They just don’t put on a show for the cameras. They really do care. When I was in my late teens my best friend at the time was having heart surgery and I reached out to Brian, and though I still can’t believe it, he reached out and set up a meeting of a lifetime for her. Who does that? These boys do! When I met the boys for the second time it was right after my what would have been my dads birthday, which happens to be Kevin’s birthday as well. I talked to him about this and we got on the subject of losing our dads and I lost it. Bawling like a baby and he took me in his arms and hugged me and reassured me and just let me cry. This is action of a truly loving person. Doing this for someone they don’t know. These are just two examples of how kind they all are and how they make us feel like we matter. That is something I will always be grateful for.

  5. Thank you Backstreet Boys because you have been there my whole life. The first song I remember listening to (ever) was Quit Playing Games when I was about 3 or 4 years old and my sister was a huge fan. Ever since I haven't stopped loving BSB. You guys helped me through all stages of life, whatever problem I had - there was a song you sang that put me right back on my feet.
    I wouldn't have made it through the toughest times if I didn't have the chance to listen to your music. Especially "Show 'em what you're made of" always made me believe in myself.
    Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.

  6. I am thankful for BSB because they changed my life. I first heard of them after my parents divorce, and their music helped me through it. I also became best friends with the one who introduced me to BSB, that was 20 years ago. So I am thankful for them.

  7. I'm thankful for BSB because they bring happiness to my life through music. Going to a concert and watching them perform has always been an experience that lightens the weight of life from my shoulders for awhile. I'm thankful that they are still here making music for us 25 years later, taking time to care about the music they release and wanting to do it right. I'm thankful that they give so much of themselves to us through meet and greets, after parties, a cruise and making appearances at Comic Cons. I'm thankful that they care about us the way we care about them, by reaching out to some of us when they can to offer a kind word or a hug. I'm thankful to them for being thankful for us.

  8. I’m thankful for bsb because there music has done a lot of healing for me in my life. I lost someone very special to me at a very young age. “Show me the meaning of being lonely” was a song that got me through is death. Yes it was sudden and devastating. I just want to thank you and let you know that your music impacts all of us BSB Army in some way. I love you boys so much and I just can’t thank you enough

  9. When I met the existence of the group I was going through a difficult moment in my life and discovering their music helped me overcome that moment. the harmony of their voices, especially the voice of Aj envelops me in a peace and serenity with myself. In the same way I met and shared with many girls and boys with whom I still maintain friendship. but especially I am totally grateful to them, because they always showed themselves as they are, normal kids, just like me, who has problems and needs. See how Aj overcame his addiction and how each of them formed a family and they are happy makes me happy.
    I will always be grateful to each of the boys.

  10. I am thankful for BSB because they showed me that dreams do come true. Their music has a range of being soothing and relaxing to you-just-want-to-get-up-and-dance songs which is why it’s awesome. I have met wonderful friends through them and we get excited every time they have some news. They are my all-time favorite band.

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