Are You The First SOTM for 2019?!

This contest ended 17 months ago

We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as the first Soldier of the Month for 2019!

To enter, answer the following question: “How do you plan to celebrate the release of “DNA” on January 25?

Make sure you answer the question in the comments section below and then click the 'Sign Up For This' button. You must complete both tasks to enter!

Each month's soldier will receive:
+ Personal tweet/follow from the BSB band account
+ A feature piece on
+ A special bundle of BSB goodies
+ Permanent bragging rights
+ And more ;)

Check back here in the contests section at the top of each month to sign up to be SOTM!


- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit. 

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Timminschic avatar

    I will celebrate the release of “DNA” on January 25 by, leaving work early, so I can go buy the album and listen to it on repeat at least 3 times with my bestie to get a feel of what songs we can't wait to hear LIVE in July in Toronto.... 190 DAYS and counting...

  2. Aniya avatar

    I plan to keep the surprise until the moment my roomate and I will be back home after work (yeah, it will be hard). So we will cook while discover together the DNA album and we plan a dinner party : eating, watching the music videos, listening to all the albums, singing and dancing ! Can't wait !

  3. Dana Skillman avatar

    There is a group of 3 of us that will get together after work and we will listen and "review" the entire album as we have done with every other album! Of course we will be in our BSB shirts. My 4 year old son will join us in his BSB attire :)

  4. djyankeegurl avatar

    Backstreet Boys are a positive influence at my job. I plan on starting the morning meeting with playing the DNA album first thing!

  5. Anna Bellone avatar

    I plan on celebrating on my cruise. I have pre ordered it on ITUNES and I will be coming back to NJ from the Bahamas. I also will post it online etc. and I am trying to get tickets to the Barclay center for August 2019

  6. Annelie1985 avatar

    January 25 will be a special day for me because I will listen to the new BSB album DNA together with my best friend, but it is also the day that there will start a new chapter in my life because I have a new job and my current job will end at January 24. So at January 25 begins my new future with new music from my favourite band. I think I will celebrate the new music and that I have a new job with more chances. Can it be any better? I don't think so.

  7. Kizzle3 avatar

    I am super excited for the long awaited release of their new album. I work that day, but lucky for me I have an office job. I plan on downloading it before I leave for work and playing it as the soundtrack for that day. Heard a lot of the new tracks while on the 2018 cruise and cannot wait to see which ones they have chose as tracks for the album. Already pre-ordered and counting down the days.

  8. Brina1derland avatar

    Pre ordered and can not wait to get my girls together and throw a party!! Bsb shirts all the way is the attire and of course food! Super bowl parties have nothing on a Backstreet Boy release party ???? fan since I was 10 and still Rockin it at almost 34 ! Oh and currently raising two more BSB fans ???? my girls love y’all. Can’t wait to see you in August!

  9. Cindy Agredano avatar

    DNA album is already pre ordered on the internet. I could not wait until end of january... now i am sure i Will get my own one.
    I am the biggest fan they can imagine since the very beginning in 1995 and first concert is EU for me was on July 1st 1997 I was only 11years old and still there with a vip tickets to meet end greet the bsb in real... I just cannot realise my dream will come true after more than 25 years !!!
    I will listen to the new album every single day until the concert so I will know all the songs by heart. And moreover I will meet them 2 days prior to my birthday!!! This will definitely be the best birthday gift ever !!!!

  10. Cindy Agredano avatar

    DNA album is already pre ordered on the internet. I could not wait until end of january... now i am sure i Will get my own one.

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