Are You The First SOTM for 2019?!

This contest ended 17 months ago

We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as the first Soldier of the Month for 2019!

To enter, answer the following question: “How do you plan to celebrate the release of “DNA” on January 25?

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- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Christine BSB_FR avatar

    I'll be waiting impatiently with my daughter to listen to your new album. And we're going to put the sound on....until May 19! Counting down the days to see you again! ????????????

  2. Ashley Byron avatar

    I plan on buying the CD on Itunes as soon as I wake up in the morning and listening to it on repeat all day long and so looking forward to seeing the DNA Concert in Augest of 2019 .

  3. Iris Weigel avatar

    How do I plan to celebrate the release of DNA?
    My plan is to get home from work as early as possible on Jan. 25, then I will immediately start listening to the album on repeat for the rest of the day and be chatting with my friends about which songs we like the most. :-) :-) :-) Literally can't wait!!!

  4. Amanda Perry avatar

    I plan for my mom and I to get together and listen to the album ALL day long and into the night!! We can’t wait!

  5. Rosa FutureStar avatar

    I plan on starting a ???? release party with a few ????.

  6. CJSmallz avatar

    I plan on listening to the new album literally everywhere I go and if I'm healed up from back surgery, I'll be dancing along with it and ALL of my BSB albums I've got already with my 15 yr old daughter. We both love y'all and your music. I'm hoping we get to go see y'all in Tulsa in August. ?

  7. ABoiss avatar

    How do I plan to celebrate the release of DNA on the 25th?
    My best friend Dorothy and I will most likely have a BSB dance party most of the day at her house with our 1yr olds. The kids already love BSB music and dancing, they won't really realize we are celebrating but we all will have an amazing time dancing and listening to amazing music! I can't wait and love that I'm raising a 3rd Gen Backstreet Girl! ????

  8. MariaMiller avatar

    I plan on listening to the album as much as I possibly can, if able to it will be the only thing playing on my phone at work when I am able to listen to music day dreaming that I am in a live session with the guys signing it right to me. After the work day I will go out and have an amazing dinner where I am sure to be blabbing about how amazing the album to who ever is serving me food that night, I will be in such a good mood that they will get a massive tip regardless of service because well the delt with my blabbing. I will more then likely be smiling all day anytime I hear any of the songs, the richness of AJs voice that has happened over all the years is just simply amazing. I used to be a full on Nick girl through and through, but now its a toss up, Nicks voice is still amazing and hits me to my core but so dose AJ, and who can deny Brian hes just as an amazing man with the health struggles he has delt with I will always for ever support these guys, Kevin is a supper nice guy and well Howie we can not leave out sweet Howie also an amazing guy. I will be getting 2 hard copies of the CD but I also will get the digital copy, a girl can't have to many BSB albums in duplicates can they. I am super excited can not wait it is to far away. Best believe it by the following Monday I will have learned all the lyrics and notes to each and every last song on that album.

  9. Terrie Giguere avatar

    How do I plan on celebrating the release of DNA?
    I plan on taking the day off from work, having a huge listening party for everyone around me. There’s nothing like having a group of friends over for coffee and to listen to new BSB music for hours.

  10. Rashelle Hinkle avatar

    How do I plan on celebrating the release of DNA? Well I told my husband to preorder it so I can listen and be prepared for the BSB tour coming to Hershey on my birthday ???? excitement connotes explain how I feel about this!

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