We're Looking For Our Next Soldier of the Month!

This contest ended 3 weeks ago

We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight Soldier of the Month!

To enter, answer the following question: If you could have any kind of theme night on the next Backstreet Boys cruise, what would it be and why? (Note: It can not be a theme that has already taken place.)

Make sure you answer the question in the comments section below and then click the 'Sign Up For This' button. You must complete both tasks to enter!

Each month's soldier will receive:
+ Personal tweet/follow from the BSB band account
+ A feature piece on BSB.com
+ A special bundle of BSB goodies
+ Permanent bragging rights
+ And more ;)

Check back here in the contests section in August to sign up to be SOTM!


- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit.

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. NJL720 avatar

    I would love to get vip tickets for the reschedule backstreet boys concert at Hershey park

  2. jessiebelle114 avatar

    I think it would be great to have a hot for teacher night..... as a teacher who can rarely go on the cruise because of timing that could be a great idea! It would be great to see what people perceive as teachers or a student.

  3. Tricia Doucet avatar

    I think it would be cool to have a theme.dress up as a backstreet boy

  4. LizheartsBSB avatar

    I have been a fan since 1997!!! My favorite song is no place . My fav video is everybody . Love that they are in different costumes and a little bit of a story line .

  5. Mcleancartergrl avatar

    I started to like the backstreet boys back in 1997 when I was in high school and I would listen to their songs on the radio buy magazines with pictures of them my faves are Nick and Aj I do like the rest of the boys.

  6. KaoticTrain avatar

    DNA Theme night with the Backstreet Boys would also be fun because the guys just released their Album DNA. DNA Theme night consists of each member sharing their DNA, life history, and favorite music with the fans. This Theme night will be interactive and something the fans will enjoy.

  7. KaoticTrain avatar

    For the next cruise I think there should be a Backstreet Military Theme Night because the guys love our Military and I believe it would be fun for the guys and fans to dress as though they are serving the Navy,Army, or Air Force. There could be Military like games on the cruise.

  8. Cat81 avatar

    I have never been to a Backstreet Boys cruise but hopefully one day I will be able to go.
    What about a theme night called Backstreet Boys unreleased, a night filled with unreleased bsb songs since there are so many good songs that never has made it to the albums. That would be awesome.

  9. Paoa86 avatar

    It would be awesome to have a Dancing with the BSB NIGHT, like a Dancing with stars dance off, but to BSB songs and BSB dances! I mean who doesn’t know the Everybody dance!! It would be so epic

  10. Paoa86 avatar

    I was just at the show in Vancouver! It was a great experience in the DNA circle and with the meet and greet! It was definitely a once in a life time experience

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