1. Nsync theme

  2. Under the sea theme would be a lot of fun because it’s a cruise and who doesn’t love the little mermaid

  3. When I was a cruise crew we liked Latin parties, so if possible, a Mexican party would be amazing, with piñatas and something like that.

  4. From youre video Larger than life. I was 9 years old so O grew up with that video and Is one of my favorites

  5. How about a Harry Potter themed night? Dress up as your favorite character, have copy cat butter beer and treats from the movie. compete in an event like the tri-wizards cup with a BSB member as your partner. For an event for the tri-wizard cup you could do a scavenger hunt Harry Potter themed. Have a dance just like the one they have in the movie with each member of BSB with a date!

  6. I think Mission Impossible the movie maybe something about space or galaxies.

  7. El tema ideal sería de acuerdo a uno de los videos musicales de los Backstreet Boys y todos disfrazados de la misma temática ????????

    The ideal theme would be according to one of the music videos of the Backstreet Boys and all dressed up in the same theme ????????

  8. Millennium on the moon (outer space theme)

  9. :) emocionanda de poder verlos en Mexico, Soy de El Salvador y acabo de comprar mis bolestos para feb 26, 2020

  10. Los backstreet deberían hacer un crucero temático de
    Guerreros medievales ????????