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  1. Lucero RM avatar

    Saber que los BSB venían a Colombia, lloré mucho de felicidad, hace unos meses atrás con mi esposo estábamos sacando la visa para ir a USA y ahorrando para ir a verlos, pero se nos demoró un poco y no pude comprar las entradas a la gira en USA, sin embargo a los poco días de salir mi visa también salió la noticia que vendrían a Colombia, es mi primera vez en 22 años y estoy demasiado emocionada y obvio nos ahorramos un montón de dinero y compramos buenas posiciones, aun estamos esperando el M&G en Colombia para poder verlos de cerca.

  2. Anny16 avatar

    He sido fanática de los BSB desde los 13 años, amándolos cada día, buscando información, realizando sus coreografías en el cole (era conocida como la backstreet girls) no había información q no supiera. Por cosas de la vida, no había tenido la oportunidad de asistir a un concierto, soñé muchas veces con esta oportunidad y asi fue como MI INCREÍBLE MOMENTO DEL 2019, fue el saber que lo BSB estarían en Colombia el 1 de Marzo 2020, momento que se torno mucho mas increíble el día logre obtener mi boleto en la preventa del club de fans. Ese día estuvo lleno de adrenalina, locura, temblaban y sudaban mis manos al momento de realizar la compra y pasa lo mismo cada vez que veo la boleta y se acerca poco a poco el gran día.

  3. Megs32 avatar

    BSB is my fave!! I would love to win anything from the Backstreet Boys! My favorite Backstreet Boys moment was when I seen them in April 2019 at their Las Vegas residency! That show was awesome!

  4. NJL720 avatar

    I would love to win tickets to see the backstreet

  5. Ute Kohler avatar

    Definitely this 2 concerts of the DNA World Tour I have been (Mannheim & Munich).

  6. emilybsb avatar

    My favorite BSB moment in 2019 was definitely the DNA World Tour. I traveled halfway around the world from Taiwan to Boston for the show at TD Garden on 8/14. It was a 26-hour trip and everything was so worth it! I attended Howie's WOAI Listening Party. It was the best VIP event a Howie girl can ever ask for. I was able to talked to Howie a bit during meet & greet and got 2 hugs. He's the sweetest!!

    The concert was spectacular. The Boys sang so many classics that I never got a chance to see live before, because they never came to my country during Millennium & Black & Blue days. I was so touched when hearing my favorite song Don't Wanna Lose You Now live. One special moment to me was That's The Way I Like It. It reminded me that when I was in high school, I watched the Homecoming Live in Orlando VHS over and over again, dreaming about going to the US to see the Boys. Now the dream comes true. It means the world to me!

    What's even better, they are coming to my country Taiwan on 10/22 so I got to see them again! Truly thankful for everything! 2019 is a magical year!

  7. jenhusarek avatar

    Oh, that's easy. I first saw them live at my very first concert ever, and after a very long stretch of serious medical problems, my mother was able to get on the plane and travel to see their Vegas Residency for my 33rd birthday. I did a m&g and Kevin kissed me a cpl times at the m&g and then during the concert, my chair was put right in front or his podium and after "All I have to give", he jumped down and kissed me on my cheek and hand again in front of the entire venue! It was Heaven! Nick even stopped when they came out and touched me special. It made me believe there still are good people in this world (despite every political that's going on right now).

  8. Ileana gomez avatar

    My best moment? When i got my tickets to see your concert in Costa Rica next year!! i've been fan since i was 14, but i couldnt go to any show of the group, ever! i'm from El Salvador, so i've been waiting all my life to see your show!! Get that tickets was crazy, because it was selling very fast, but i can't wait to see you guys next year. Finally, my teenage dream come true!!!

  9. benjilena avatar

    Favorite moment of 2019 was definitely attending the DNA show in Edmonton. Haven't missed a single show since their first one in 1997 and they never disappoint. Just dancing and singing and screaming and smiling for the whole entire show from start to finish. My only regret is not attending more than one like I usually do.

  10. Denta avatar

    My favorite BSB moment of 2019 was the Afterparty in Detroit on Aug 12! It was my first time going to a BSB afterparty, I had an amazing spot right right up front, Nick and Howie were directly in front of me!

    Howie took a group selfie with my phone, they both shook my hand, I showed Howie pics on my phone of me with BSB and he actually took the time to lean forward and look at the pics. Nick blew me a kiss because he couldn't sign his autograph for me because of security. It was as if he was saying "sorry, they won't let me". But I was happy with the air kiss.

    Nick and Howie sang for about 30 minutes and I had so much fun!

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