Final Soldier of the Month for 2019!

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We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight Soldier of the Month!

To enter, answer the following question: What has been your favorite BSB experience or moment of 2019?

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- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Myname is krystal barahona im a biggest fan backstreetboys i love nick carterv is hottest boy in the group ilove his voices amazing ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. My favorite BSB experience of 2019 would have to be an unexpected trip to LA to see and experience all things BSB! My local radio station (Q94 in Richmond, VA) gave away an all expense paid trip to LA to see BSB’s show at the Staples Center. Growing up, I always loved the CBS special concert of the Black and Blue tour which took place at the Staples Center and always hoped to see my favorite group there. Never did I think it would actually happen. My twin sister, Allie, was fortunate enough to win the trip for us both. Not only did we get to see and meet the Backstreet Boys at the Staples Center in LA, we were able to visit their exhibit at the Grammy Museum. It was great to be able to see our own photos as well as many friends’ photos on the wall as well as see their memorabilia. Being from the east coast, I never thought it would be feasible to get to the museum to see their exhibit so I am so thankful for that opportunity. Also, we got to see their walk of fame star which is located just outside of the Live Nation building where my now late father used to work. It was almost as if he were with us on the trip, making it that much more special. Overall, getting to travel with my favorite travel partner to see our favorite group in LA was a bucket list item for me and I’m so thankful for the unexpected opportunity for this once in a lifetime experience!

  3. My favorite moment of 2019 is deffinitly the DNA tour with my girls.
    We had never met before we went to our first concert at Belgium.
    The next day we went to Amsterdam and last but not least we went to Köln.

    Cant wait till we can go on tour again!

  4. My favorite BSB moment of 2019 would be going to the last two shows of their residency in April. I was 33 weeks pregnant. I was able to do a meet and greet, and got a pic of the boys holding my bump, with my shirt that said "Future BSB fan." It was perfect!! We also had a table near all the wives, they all loved my shirt! Leighanne even kissed my baby belly and gave me a hug! Was a pretty darn good weekend!! Sure do love theses boys!!! KTBSBPA!!

  5. My favorite was becoming a fan of them since I was a little girl and i dream of one day meeting them for the first time or going to see their concert for the first time :)

  6. My favorite BSB experience of 2019, was on July 15th when they came in Montreal for the DNA world tour and I got the chance to realize the biggest dream of my life and finally meet the Backstreet Boys! Not only I got to meet them, but it was also the best concert ever! Especially from the DNA circle! Best day of my life EVER!!

  7. My best experience in 2019 was definetely the Opening of the World tour in Lisbon. What a great show and experience with my BSB friends. The 3 days there were amazing and got to meet as always amazing people at the Hotel before the show.

  8. My favorite Backstreet Moment in 2019 was at the concert in Madrid I will never forget the moment when you stood up at the triangle stage and by sudden the screens went down and then you five sung Breath at that moment I stopped breathing and I stood there as stone and was just astonishing. My sister asked me if I am ok until I reacted jajajajajajaja.

    It was amazing. I loved it and I will never ever forget this in my life. Love you five

  9. My favorite Bsckstreet moments of 2019 wpuld simply be having the chance to see them twice on the DNA tour and being able to meet some of my great friends.

  10. My most favorite BSB experience of the year 2019 was my first meet and greet with the boys and the concert after that at May 29th 2019 in Berlin. It was absolutly incredible. I got from each one a lovely hug and smile, even though I couldn't say anything but "Hi." It was magic. I was so happy to meet them and get two hugs of AJ. And then the concert was so amazing. I didn't believe that everything was true. After the concert in Berlin I ordered my ticket for the show in Prague at the End of June. And when the guys next year want visit Germany again, then I meet them again.

    Please come back to Berlin. We miss you.

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