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To enter, answer the following question: What do you think was the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade (2010-2019)?

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  1. DNA world tour
    Kevin's back
    Children's at all guy's

  2. I think the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history this past decade would have to be them getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! I think it represented their time and effort in the industry. Fans have always been there to recognize them, but I think with the star they finally got recognized by their peers in the industry. A Grammy is next!!

  3. It's hard to choose just one.

    But I have to say DNA World tour!!
    Selling out arenas all over the world and such a great production of the tour.
    The amount of love, passion and dedication put into this tour really showed.

    I was lucky enough to see the tour 3 times!

  4. For me it was the way they came back to Hershey PA. So many people traveled so far to see them the first time and went through a LOT when it was shut down. The way they responded and made sure to come back shows me the level of their devotion to the fans. Mad respect.

  5. The Vegas Residency brought back the momentum, that lead to the super successful DNA World Tour!

  6. Edit to my post below. It FUELED the nostalgia. Not ignored ????????????????????????????????? #autocorrect #fail

  7. Wow. This is a tough one! Between the NKOTBSB tour, Kevin returning to the group, their Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of documentary, their Vegas Residency being named the top selling residency in history, releasing their newest full length album, being nominated for a Grammy, and then embarking on their largest arena world tour in 18 years, how does one choose the BIGGEST moment? I am having such a hard time choosing! Their Vegas residency being extended and lasting as long as it did really ignoring that nostalgia and enabled so many fans to experience and relive their love from the 90’s and fueled the momentum straight into the DNA album release and world tour, so if I really must choose ONE moment, I am going to go with the Vegas Residency being named the most successful selling residency of all time.

  8. I think the Biggest moment for the boys was the Las Vegas show, I think this was a chance to get fans from all over the world together in the same concert.

  9. This is honestly a super tough one! There were a few big moments over the last decade between the NKOTBSB Tour, Kevin returning to the group, the Vegas residency with 80 total shows! The Vegas residency I think really reignited their performing popularity again, which led to the biggest moment which was their new album, DNA, dropping, which debuted at number 1, and then that led to their biggest world tour in arenas after 18 years and majority of their shows being sold out. Being in a sold out arena with all the screaming brought back that 1999 nostalgia and it took me back to their peak years when they first emerged in the USA as a group.

  10. I think one of the biggest moments was when they crossed over and did God your Momma and Me with Florida Georgia line. It really showed their diversity and ability to cross over to multiple musical genres.
    For me my personal biggest moment was getting to on the BSB Cruise. It was a trip of a life time for me.

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