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To enter, answer the following question: What do you think was the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade (2010-2019)?

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  1. Deblyn43 avatar

    I think one of the biggest moments was when they crossed over and did God your Momma and Me with Florida Georgia line. It really showed their diversity and ability to cross over to multiple musical genres.
    For me my personal biggest moment was getting to on the BSB Cruise. It was a trip of a life time for me.

  2. Marvina Valdez avatar

    2010- 2019: Kevin re join the groupCelebrating 20years together, releases an independent album. They received Star on a Hollywood walk a fame. Documentary video. First group to top chart in 3decades. Get nominated for a Grammy. Also left their longtime label jive records. Made a cameo in This Is The End movie. Kevin and Brian were inducted in Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. Residency in Las Vegas. Released god your mama and me with country duo Florida Georgia Line and winter their first CMT award.

  3. KayTieC6 avatar

    BSB Las Vegas residency was definitely a big moment in BSB history because I definitely think again they paved the way for other groups to consider doing residencies in Vegas and realize it is a great thing for people careers. It also showed how big of a following the guys bring to their shows and how much we all still love them.

  4. April Servante avatar

    I think it was DNA debuting at number one. It’s very rare for an artist or band to continue to be successful after decades in the industry. So many artists, especially in pop music become a distant memory as opposed to being icons, like the boys have. This album doing so well, after years of ups and downs shows their resilience and lasting star power.

  5. Stephanie avatar

    The biggest moment in backstreet history from 2010-2019 has to be bsb getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are forever in stone as one of the biggest boy bands in history. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them!

  6. Sabrina903 avatar

    Definitely when Kevin joined back ????

  7. NotGood@PickingNames avatar

    It’s been a great decade but the star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and the first grammy nomination since 2002 for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. Robbed of the win but an honour to being nominated again!

  8. SilleTravn avatar

    I seem to have trouble choosing between the Las Vegas Residency and the DNA World Tour. I think the residency is really an evidence of making it to the top! Only real huge artist perform in their own residencies in Vegas. And I think that was a HUGE thing for the boys, and also, something new for the fans that was able to go. It was a whole new way of experiencing a show with the boys, I think. The DNA World Tour was an actual statement - They still got it! And they can still fill out stadiums and have sold out shows throughout the world, and I think that says a lot! I’m over the moon happy about all the things the boys have accomplished, and I can’t wait to see what they have for us next. As long as there’ll be music, they’ll be coming back again! ;)

  9. Denisev89 avatar

    I think coming back with a new album to celebrate 26 years in the industry, having their BSB army since day 1 and also having new fans from any generation.... Love BSB

  10. Line avatar

    I think the Las Vegas recidency was the biggest moment. Planet Hollywood had to open up the balcony for a headliner for the first time. The residency had people from all over the world visiting Las Vegas for the first time. I myself flew in from Norway and met friends there from Argentina and Japan! And just to hear from an old couple we met shopping in Vegas that they themselves were going to see Backstreet Boys residency while visiting Las Vegas was so heartwarming for a superfan. I am so proud of the boys, and lets be honest, there is a lot of big moments to choose from and we are pretty lucky to be fans of a group that keeps going stong after all theese years. My reason for choosing the residency is partly because I got to be a part of it and share even more great moments with the boys. And to me that is what it is all about: making new memories, friends and enjoying every moment.

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