Be the First Soldier of the Quarter for 2020!

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We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight Soldier of the Quarter!

To enter, answer the following question: What do you think was the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade (2010-2019)?

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- All entries are subject to audit.

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Samanta Garcia avatar

    I love Backstreet Boys since my childhood. Your songs accompany my maturation. In 2005 I was fifteen and awakened to love when they released Incomplete, my favorite song. They were perfect in my history and and magnificent in the history of the band. They touched my heart forever.
    "Baby, my baby, it's written on your face
    You still wonder if we made a big mistake"

  2. tmnbsb avatar

    I think the biggest moment of the decade for the Backstreet Boys was getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To watch them accept that honor was truly amazing to see what they had accomplished and how much it meant to them. Ever since, fans have flocked there to see their star, including myself and my Mom.

  3. Djéssica avatar

    Definitely the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade was Kevin's return to the group in 2012. And a SOLD OUT Cruise in 2013 was the icing on the cake!!! (And I had the opportunity to be on this cruise!!!!!!! [LOVE²])
    = )

  4. Danny Tran avatar

    The biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade is when Kevin returns in April 29, 2012. Like the boys say, they will never turn their backs on each other, and they will never replace Kevin. After all, they want to keep their legacy, as friends/families cannot be replaced.

  5. AnnieMaciasBSB avatar

    The best moment for the BSB in the last decade was for sure to make the decision to have a residency in Vegas: LARGER THAT LIFE! That brought both the boys and the fans back together and make them realized how much they still are #1 for million of fans all over the world and therefore they realized the have to record a new album that we all LOVE: the DNA album! P.S. I will love to win and meet them in CDMX (February 22nd) <3

  6. Sonyx avatar

    The fact that they are still together and going strong and touring today after all these years, almost 27 years now, is the biggest event in itself. :)

  7. virginiabsb avatar

    Without any doubt, Kevin being back and bringing back our full and complete happiness (L)

  8. Julie Katherine forero Rodríguez avatar

    El evento más importante para ellos fue cuando kevin volvió al grupo después de haberse retirado por un tiempo. Además, viven un momento de escenarios muy importante ya que, a pesar de que hubo separaciones en el camino, volvieron más fuertes que nunca

  9. mcleancarterfan avatar

    my first time seeing the backstreet boys was back in 2001 for the black and blue tour I think I should be soldier of month .

  10. Dezza Santiago avatar

    In my opinion, Kevin's back was the biggest moment in Backstreet Boys history in the last decade. It was a great moment for the BSB Army and special reason to ktbspa while having a loss of my dear dad at the same year (2013).

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