1. Tati Brayner avatar

    so SO happy!!! ? thanks WW!!!

  2. Paulina Angelica avatar

    Quien gano?

  3. Anduela avatar

    wait there were no winners ?

  4. ljram avatar

    Fingers crosses to win this and add on my collection. See you guys soon!

  5. Paulina Angelica avatar

    Quiero ganar los Funkos, me harian muy feliz con ese regalo :)

  6. BSB_Fairygurl avatar

    Would do love to win these! They are pretty amazing!!

  7. Canucks avatar

    I would like to see the backstreet boys at Roger's arena Aug 9

    I hope they come here.

    I would like to win a bsb funkos doll.

  8. andreda22 avatar

    i love funkos

  9. DanieleKlann avatar

    I'm very fan of you, guys. My happines in teenage was to watch your clips on MTV Brazil. Thank you very much for be a amazing part of my life. XOXO

  10. klaudiacarias avatar

    I love your funkos. I hope i win this. ??