Looking for the Next Soldier of the Month: Summer 2020!

This contest ended 3 weeks ago

We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as our next Soldier of the Month!

To enter, answer the following question: If you could cook dinner for your favorite Backstreet Boy, who would it, what would you cook, and why did you pick that meal?

Make sure you answer the question in the comments section below and then click the 'Sign Up For This' button. You must complete both tasks to enter!

Each month's soldier will receive:
+ Personal tweet/follow from the BSB band account
+ A feature piece on BSB.com
+ A special bundle of BSB goodies
+ Permanent bragging rights
+ And more ;)

Check back here in the contests section in July to sign up to be SOTM!


- Must be a registered member of the BSB fan club.

- Previous SOTMs are not eligible for two calendar years. After 24 months, they can enter.

- All entries are subject to audit.

- Winner is selected at random.

  1. nessinhaapconce avatar

    oi sou Vanessa, sou do Brasil, bom prepararia uma massa maravilhosa com bastante queijo para meu querido idolo Brian Litrell.

  2. jenhusarek avatar

    Hello, my name is Jennifer, Jen for short. I'm 34 years old and have been a fan of the guys the entire 27 years! I even own the Red Album never released in the U.S.(thank you Amazon) I became a fan at 7 years old and they were my very first concert ever at 12 years old(b/c apparently that's when I was finally old enough for a concert), and although I am a fan of all of them, If I could choose any member of The Backstreet Boys to make a dinner for I would definitely choose Kevin. Being diagnosed with epilepsy at 14, was extremely difficult. I wasn't allowed to attend high school b/c the school though "it was too dangerous", so I had to get my h.s. degree on-line. Not being able to work or drive is also very difficult to deal with. Luckily, my parents let me live in their in-law apartment to keep a much needed eye on me. I don't get an aura, so I have no clue when a seizure is coming. Unfortunately, b/c of this I'm not technically able to cook over a stove, last time I did, I went to drain my noodles and had a seizure and went down and woke up in the burn unit with 3rd degree burns all over my chest needing skin grafts. The guys and their music got me through so many medical problems, it's amazing! They got me through a coma, stroke of my 4th nerve in my eye causing me to lose use of my left eye. I now must wear a eye patch at 34 years old and in a wheelchair with chronic nerve damage. The Backstreet Boys have been around the world in 100 hours, i highly doubt there is a cuisine they haven't atleast tasted, I am going to say that the delicious, melt in your mouth taste of our food is no ordinary waffle! However, my family has a food truck serving Belgian Liege waffles and frozen dipped bananas, and my mother is also a huge fan, so the two of us would prepare him one of our deliciously golden browned Belgian waffles with bursts of pearl sugar in every bite. We can go totally healthy with our vegan recipe and top with fruits, or we can go "sin city" and go vegan or non-vegan topped with our brownie bites, chocolate mousse and a Belgian chocolate sauce drizzle. Then, for dessert, he could have one (or more, lol) of our frozen chocolate dipped bananas with a choice of our many toppings. I am a constantly depressed person and my only happiness is A: The Backstreet Boys, and B: our family food truck. Even though I must take orders and work the order window in my wheelchair, the family food truck is a huge happy factor in my life and the guys are the other. If I didn't have those two things in my life, I have no idea where I'd be, so I always make sure to get "my gloves on, ready to fight and like a lion, I have tried to survive" (lyrics rearranged to make a point). There have been times I've had to be strong and take a chance on a procedure, but w/o the guys, my family and our food truck, nothing would be right. In fact, our truck is in contact with Pollyanna Dorough, and with her help and suggestions we created a special healthy vegan waffle. She even made a video post promoting it! All the guys deserve to get served by me for helping my save my strength and happiness.

  3. Carmen Calu avatar

    I would cook Kevin a fresh pasta with pesto sauce, to accompany a nice breaded steak and a bowl of vilho. It would be that way, because Kevin is like the chosen dish, tasty, refined and as the wine only gets better with time.

  4. Carla Leonardo 78 avatar

    Hello. I'm Carla, I live in Brazil, my favorite Backstreet Boy is Nick, and if I prepared him a dinner, he would make a special dish Feijão Tropeiro, it is a typical dish, the most famous in my state, which represents a mixture of gastronomy Brazilian culture with references to indigenous, African and Portuguese cuisine in a context known as tropism.

  5. apvsnp83 avatar

    If I had to cook dinner, I would do it for Brian. I would make a salad with crutons and cheeses. Main dish would be a pasta accompanied by a good wine and to finish, strawberry with whipped cream for dessert. All of this for him, because I already realized that he likes to eat well and homemade meals, and because I'm sure he would like my seasoning and would want to have dinner more often.
    I'm positive. lol.

  6. Silvia Correa Sanches avatar

    I would cook a delicious "feijoada", typical Brazilian food, for my favorite boy Kevin Richardson. Because the "feijoada" is a beautiful and pleasant food, which should be a compliment: OMG, Kevin is very beautiful today, he is "feijoadão".

  7. Sabrina Kuroda Reis avatar

    Hi! My name is Sabrina and I'm from Brazil. I'm a huge fan of the guys ! I love Nick Carter and I could offer a Nyotaimore. That is like Sushi body.
    Of course, in my body kkkkkkkk. I'm joking. Or not .

  8. KatherineFC avatar

    I’m Katherine, and I’m only 15 years old and I’m such a huge fan (and I don’t have any friends or family that like BSB too) :( I would cook pizza for Nick, because I’ve seen in an interview that it’s his favorite food.

  9. deb husarek avatar

    Hi, my name is Debbie, I am writing for both myself and my daughter, we are both huge fans of The Backstreet Boys. My daughter got me hooked on them when she was 7, and then when she was 12, I took her to her very first concert ever: The Millennium Tour and then we were BOTH addicted. Although she loves all the guys for their individual reasons, I think we would choose Kevin. I am not asking for pity for my daughter, I'm just asking that she have one of her wishes come true and win this contest. She's had a difficult past few years with 5 confirmed diagnosed diseases. It was almost impossible to get her to Vegas last year for her 33rd birthday to see their Residency and do a Meet and Greet, but we did in fact succeed in getting there and back to Florida. Unfortunately, she can't cook because of a severe third degree burns she got from cooking a couple years back and had a seizure, so I would assist. We would serve him something off our family food truck, we serve authentic Belgian liege waffles and frozen chocolate dipped bananas. The Backstreet Boys have been a very influential part of my daughter's life and have stopped her from deep depressions many many times. But now at 34 years old, she will sit in her wheelchair serving people at the window in chronic pain, but striving to stay strong while we play BSB music at every rally. By choosing my essay, you'd be fulfilling my and my daughter's dreams. She has had a very unstable life medically and personally and I'd love for you to pick us so she can please her "soldiers" for helping her through too many procedures to count and keep track of. Our family food truck has also been a very positive part of her life now, and we are all so proud of it, so I think the two of us serving Kevin our treats would be her dream come true! He can go totally healthy and choose fruit toppings, or go a little naughty, and go with our "chocolate delight" waffle. Then for dessert, he could have a frozen chocolate dipped banana with any of our 10 toppings and a drizzle of fudge sauce, caramel, or Reese's peanut butter sauce. Pollyanna Dorough (Howie's sister) already worked with us and made us a video post promoting her healthy vegan waffle, so it's now time to share them with all the guys we both love starting with Kevin! DNA has been rescheduled for next year, but hopefully, you'll choose us so we can feed them all all beginning with Kevin and so my daughter's dreams can come true. I know the guys are good, honest, caring men and know when a real fan is with them. Thank you and stay safe everyone! :)

  10. TUNES avatar

    i have loved the backstreet boys for 22 years now and i would cook Fettuccine Alfredo for Nick because i would like Nick to try something that maybe he hasn't tried before.

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