Fall Soldier of the Month!

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We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as our next Soldier of the Month!

To enter, answer the following question: Since COVID-19 has put fandom life on hold with no Backstreet Boys events to attend, what BSB-related thing will you never take for granted again?

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- Winner is selected at random.

  1. Concerts and live music and performances have always been a huge part of my life and I can not freaking wait until I can attend one again! I can't even begin to describe how they make me feel and how truly happy I am at one.

    Last time I saw BSB was July 2019 and it was SUCH an amazing time! Singing, dancing, and screaming along with thousands of other fans while your childhood dreamboats are just a few steps in front of you singing the songs you've been singing along with for 20+ years...there's nothing that can top that entertainment wise.

    I miss the music, the atmosphere, the anticipation before the show, the excitement when it's finally happening! Seriously everything about concerts! And with the way things are going I don't see them becoming a thing again for a while and hurts my heart but I know when it's time and the boys are back on stage after all of this it will be AMAZZZZZING!

  2. I would like to meet the backstreet boys.

    Please I would like to see the backstreet boys please.

    I will never take for granted I would like to see the backstreet boys please.

    I dance to the backstreet boys music and I like listening to their music and sing.i remember we saw the backstreet boys at Roger's arena.


  3. I will never take for granted being able to see my BSB friends from all over the world- and making new ones! BSB is the reason for so many lifelong friendships.
    Oh, and that feeling when a BSB interacts with you from onstage. I think we all miss the ‘zing’ in our hearts when that happens! And hugs. Definitely hugs.

  4. I will never take anything for granted ever again! From, the VIP, to the travelling overseas for a cruise, or a show. Being in the PIT, so close to everyone. Going at the afterparties... I miss everyone, I miss it all. This pandemic made me realized how blessed we were to be able to be so close to our boys. IDK if this will ever happen again in the future. But I sure pray for a vaccine so we can finally get some kind of normality back to our lives. I love you from the bottom of my heart since 1996 and I cannot wait to see you again. #KTBSPA #STAYPOSITIVE #LETSBEATCOVID19

    Melly xxx???

  5. The feelings they give me, the pride I feel being a fan for the last 23 years. The gratefulness I have to them for being there for me when no one else was, their music will always be the soundtrack to my life.

  6. A BSB related thing I will never ever take for granted is VIP Meet and Greets. All the feels that come with doing a Meet and Greet even just virtually and all that the guys do for their fans. All in all just being lucky enough to meet all five of them I would never take for granted. I would also never take a BSB Cruise for granted. I will cherish any memories I am am able to make with the guys. <3

  7. Iv been thair fan since 1999 and i still love them their music????????

  8. I will never ever take meet and greets for granted.
    The hugs, laughs, the chats, the memories that comes with it.
    The adrenaline and excitement just before it's your turn to go and hug your boys.
    I miss that!

    Hopefully it will get better when this pandemic is over.

  9. Being able to meet them. Seeing how much they enter acted with my goddaughter when I took her to the dna tour this past year. Watching her talk to AJ when it was our turn to meet them (dna tour). I know they are great with their fans, but seeing that with her made my night. She hasn’t stopped talking about that night (9-6-20).

  10. The feeling the Boys give me when I'm at a show. The excitement, the butterflies, the tears of joy. The feeling of being connected to them, being in the same space, breathing in the same air. I'm glad to have experienced that feeling a few times now and hopefully I will experience the same feeling again in the near future.

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