1. Angela Johnson avatar

    I have a meet and greet pass for tonight's show for sale! I also have a concert ticket. Email me if interested in either! [email protected]

  2. BSBGrl07 avatar

    Hey everyone, I just got my email in reguards to what time and where to meet for the VIP!

    Here it is:

    This is a one-time informational email for the upcoming Backstreet Boys VIP event taking place at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN.
    Please make sure to bring your photo ID and concert tickets and check in by Gate 29, which is located right off 7th Street, no later than 5:00PM. We suggest that you park in either Ramp A or B.

    Photos: The use of personal cameras will not be permitted. There will be a professional photographer on site to take your photo with the Boys.
    Pictures will be uploaded within 5-7 business days and will be located at the link below.

    Hope this helps everyone!

  3. LWood avatar

    We still have not received any info on the meet and greet. Anybody else with the same issue?

  4. lauren stein avatar

    Have not received any correspondence as far as the VIP meet and greets, such as when or where, etc. Website said you would get an email correspondence 24 to 48 hrs before. No email yet and it's getting down to crunch time. Would be nice to know now to plan the day. So excited.

  5. Kate2011 avatar

    Has anyone gotten the information VIP email for the 29th yet? I haven't seen anything yet and starting to get a little worried. My first meet and greet with the boys and I'm pretty stoked about it. Also yes there is an after party tomorrow. VIP is 300 to meet a few of the boys NOT all of them general admission is 50.

  6. Stacy avatar

    Any extra meet and greet?

  7. BSBGrl07 avatar

    There will be not any VIP second round! They only do one round!

  8. Canadian girl avatar

    If there are any meet and greet tickets or a way to get meet and greet, please let me know, celebrating an anniversary and it would mean the world!!!!! Please let me know.

  9. Jody Veith avatar

    Still looking for ONE meet and greet ticket...

  10. Jody Veith avatar

    And...wondering if they're doing an after party????