1. VaneFrack avatar

    Woooow is full!

  2. stephanie donegan avatar

    to nice

  3. stephanie donegan avatar

    to nice

  4. mary_eve avatar

    Can someone can tell mw why he always take blurry pics? he is not a professionnal ?

  5. kylairene24 avatar

    common eddie! i know u took more than 5 pictures ;)

  6. faby avatar

    I think I was on the bathroom when they took this.
    @NatashaMarie1198 Im going to give u the same answer as Eddie "and one video!" U.U

  7. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    I agree but I guess we will take what we can get at this point lol

  8. Nicky Toronto avatar

    this is a great shot of my shoulder lol

  9. erikalynnexrok avatar

    LOL I thought the same thing. I wasn't expecting hundreds of pictures but come on, only 5?

  10. CJG_TT avatar

    They better post more pics LOL

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