March 23, 2011

Brian's Invite

  1. BSB For ME avatar

    Oh my gosh, I am afraid if I was ever that close to him I would hold on to him for dear life and not wanna let go! :P seriously, he is way too cute

  2. Claudita avatar

    Love Brian!

  3. Tracy Gerrish avatar

    Love Brian! Would love to meet him and the other guys too!

  4. BSB BadGirl avatar

    I hope you guys do the cruise next year.

  5. Luana Basi avatar

    Amor da minha vida!!!

  6. Luana Basi avatar

    Love of my life....

  7. alesiaescobar avatar

    omg brian you got some good looking legs steaming hot .

  8. Alice884 avatar

    wow if i knew we could take dogs n bird i woulda so booked the whole cow herd in for a bit of r 'n' r :) sorry moo cows guess its just me n lyn cruisin ha ha ha ha

  9. soraya avatar

    i ve never been on a cruise before neither brian! but dont worry about it! everything s going to be alright
    love youuuuuuuu

  10. Amy avatar

    Yay!! I cant wait for this one either!! Its going to be soo much fun! Now Im bummed I didnt go on the last one bc I missed Brians first cruise!! DAMN! haha

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