August 20, 2011

Cruise 2011 Sizzle Reel

  1. purpleluigi avatar

    i thinking bsb are awsome many ways

  2. Claudita avatar

    aahh mas bello mi loveeee

  3. Krystle Aceski avatar

    Looks like so much fun. I wish I had the funds to go. Even if I did, not sure I'd be able to handle it all with my health. :( Looks like a lot of activity on there.

  4. Tati Brayner avatar

    It was the best trip ever! Can't wait for 2013 Cruise - 20 years BSB!!!!

  5. Mariale McLean avatar

    cool :)

  6. dusanka avatar

    Maybe next year, I also be able to go on cruise with the bsb>would be my best vacation ever:)

  7. Alinora avatar

    That looks like it'd be fun. Wish I could go, but have no vacation time left for the year. Maybe next year...

  8. Niky avatar

    omg cant wait

  9. LudivineBsbLoVe avatar

    omg i wanna WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I HOPE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its so important for me ... i think abt it every night days hours mins sec in my life .... we will see ... fingers crossed & all ... hahahaha kisses yalllllllllll

  10. francocarterlittrell avatar

    for me it's a dream of to come on this cruise and see BSB and others fans , but i am so far (France)

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