March 18, 2011

Part 1

  1. bsbfan1982 avatar

    I love how funny and adorable Brian is.

  2. Maka_Raven avatar

    Great video I love it =) and Brian is so funny =)

  3. BSB For ME avatar

    Embarassed to say that I have been saying his last name wrong all along too! :-/ sorry Brian!! <3

  4. Raquel Bsb Brasil avatar

    Very bequeaths this video!
    Brian is very funny. lol
    a hug from Brazil to all the boys!

  5. BSB BadGirl avatar

    Brian is so funny.

  6. KortneyLachei avatar

    haha "after 35 years i just stopped correcting them! Call me what you want, JUST CALL ME!!!" haha ahhh i love Brian

  7. Jessica avatar

    Bahahaha Is it me or does AJ have a biggggg hicky lol

  8. BASTRID(nuga602) avatar


  9. vkrosvik avatar

    amazing video.. Love it

  10. Karyne Pereira avatar

    hahaha so funny! Howie's face was the best ever ahahah

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