Think of us as Santa's elves...

Think of us as Santa’s elves… Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on this year!

  1. gfra82 avatar

    You guys are amazing.... I love you guys!!!

  2. MariaMiller avatar

    Hey I used to have that software on my last computer .

  3. inlovewithbsb avatar

    WoW!!! What a cool Pick!.

    you guy's should of worn elves Hat's if you wanted to be elves lol!!!. Nice looking as Santa though!!!. :)


  4. La'Vena avatar

    Hi guys,I love y'all.Enjoy the Holliday Congratulations AJ!

  5. Tannia Carter avatar

    If you are Santa's elves? I can give a gift? I can follow my twitter? @TanniaTovar please those gifts Pending. Kisses for all 3

  6. HaileyCarterFran avatar

    Nick I know smiling must be hard this year but with the guys there for you stay strong. Keep up the great work and stay strong

  7. RUNOA avatar

    I'm supporting you from Japan.
    Now, I'm following your twitter!( ?D_?D)? ?|?|?|?????????? ?

  8. Rei avatar

    Really can't wait to see what the 5 of you have been doing!!!! x

  9. gfra82 avatar

    I can't wait guys....I'm glad that you are all together again..I really like the preview of Christmas Time Again .. I can't wait to hear the whole song.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  10. dilky avatar

    Hi.i love u guys.cant wait till hear that song.im really happy u all
    guys are together again.(NICK u r my angel and im really sad what
    happend to ur sister pls love her baby girl.if i can i will come america and
    tc her baby and u till my death)

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