An early Holiday Gift From Backstreet Boys

It's officially November, and the holiday season is coming soon! We want to give you the first gift of the season.  Click here for a special surprise from BSB.

  1. joyjoy avatar

    awesome xmas song! can't stop listening to it!

  2. IngeNL avatar

    I'm Promoting the single to Dutch radio stations via Twitter and they have mentioned it & played a preview :D Also it's been on tv/paper websites :)

  3. Tannia Carter avatar

    What a beautiful gift! Best of all is the return of Kevin. Backstreet return with more force. Yea!! KTBSPA

  4. xxSammyjoxxMcleanxx avatar

    Somehow do not think there will be an album coz new album but ya never know they like surprisingg us! haha x

  5. xxSammyjoxxMcleanxx avatar

    My wish came true Kev came backk! I do hope there are more Christmas songs from you guyzz perhaps an album for Christmas the single itelf is the best Christmas giftt everrr! :P Thanxxx we love youuu! xxxx

  6. deedeel avatar

    Love it ! thank you guys :)

    Love youuuuuu ^^

  7. Jocelyn avatar

    I don't think there will be an entire holiday album. They've been so busy trying to get the NEW album out for us. I think this is just to hold us off! Like a dog with a bone ;)

  8. Jocelyn avatar

    Gives me chills to hear all five of you back together again! And my Holiday wish came true...welcome back KEVIN!

  9. Rei avatar

    Oh wow this is coming on a week I'll really need it! Can't wait! x

  10. Carolina avatar

    there is nothing quite like those 5 voices :) 2 more days!!! :)

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