Backstreet Boys on The Talk

Tune in to see Backstreet Boys on The Talk Wednesday, Nov 14th at 2:00pm ET & 1:00pm CT/PT.

This taping is full at the time of this posting. If you are in the LA area: *For cancellation & Stand-by tickets please call the day prior to taping you'll like to attend between 4:00-5:00pm. Please contact (818) 655-8255. http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_talk/tickets/

  1. Fatima Rivera avatar

    I love love BSB l

  2. Fatima Rivera avatar

    It was amazing show loved it

  3. Fatima Rivera avatar

    I loved your performance of backstreet boys on The Talk show yesterday

  4. Sieren avatar

    i missed it :(

  5. Sieren avatar

    i missed it :(

  6. Roxanne69 avatar

    Thanks BSB for ur performance today! So happy to have connections with CBS and be able to be in the studio to see you perform. What an awesome show looking so forward to cruise, your star, and tour next yr.

  7. *Britty* avatar

    Oh, so true, just blowing smoke ha ha

  8. Jess Wiley avatar

    i agree, this is some effed up BS. he doesnt need to be on. THEY do. he's been president for 4 years now and soon 4 more, THEY need to be on tv more often. NOT HIM.

  9. *Britty* avatar

    bad timing, presidential conference, hurry up Obama, in all respect, oh well, hopefully we will be able to watch on this website later. Rats!!!!!! Don't get this Canadian started!!!

  10. *Britty* avatar

    Already got the DVR ready to record, but I happen to be home anyway, so will watch it and record. I bet they will sing their xmas song.

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