"It's Christmas Time Again" animated video


Oh my god we're back again! Watch the festive "It's Christmas Time Again" animated video - starring BSB as cartoons!


  1. Shawn avatar

    Nice Holiday Record.

  2. jonneke avatar

    i love this song, my little boy doesn't stop dancing and wants more everytime again

  3. abbynieves627 avatar

    Keven and AJ illustrated the best in it

  4. abbynieves627 avatar

    Its cute and has some anime influence. Anime exaggerates facial expressions in this case Howies famous blink.

  5. abbynieves627 avatar

    Anyone remember the other BSB old Christmas song....it was ironically called Christmas Time and I believe not introduced to the American Market....love my imports

  6. Sway_Shay avatar

    Haven't been able to watch it yet due to no sound on my laptop, hopefully I'll can get onto another computer soon and watch it. :)

  7. vkrosvik avatar

    Love the song, best christmas song ever!! I`m not sure about the video!! Hope u will make real video of this song =) Sorry guys :P

  8. MAYGIRL avatar

    Love the song. Not too sure about the video, but I'm sure once I've watched it a few times I'll love it. Merry Christmas to all the bsb fans! x

  9. Scarlett McLean avatar

    Welllll....the first time around I didn't really like it, then decided to watch it again & liked it a bit better. The elf-like characters are kinda cute (& I thought it was pretty neat seeing them through the years) but they are also kinda weird at the same time. The whole vid's kinda weird, actually...& I would've preferred animation where the characters are actually moving & what-not...scratch that, I'd rather see the LIVE versions! lol Still <3 the song, though!

  10. Sweet D Fan avatar

    Love the song but not the video. Why does animated Howie have one big eye and one small eye? Is he supposed to be winking with the small left eye? LOL! Howie's my favourite member and I love his winks!

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