Video Premiere: "It's Christmas Time Again"

The Backstreet Boys are back...and they're cartoons! See the premiere of the new festive animated video for "It's Christmas Time Again" on ARTISTdirect now here.

  1. Shawn avatar

    The video is really nice

  2. Fatima Rivera avatar

    I watch the backstreet boys video all the time

  3. Fatima Rivera avatar

    The video is amazing I loved it so much. How cute was it

  4. inlovewithbsb avatar

    What a Cute Video!!!. Just had to tweet it!, :)


    you guy's should do a x-mas cd.

  5. La'Vena avatar

    The video is terrific and Chritmas is one my favorite!

  6. Sweet D Fan avatar

    Love the song, but not the video.

  7. francocarterlittrell avatar

    this video is beautiful , any more you are five review

  8. Culkinfan4life avatar

    I love the song but the viideo is not th ebest. it should of been done live.

  9. Tannia Carter avatar

    I can not deny that the song is cute and wonderful. that song is on my mind all day ...... But I do not like video = (I think you can do better than that.
    It's my opinion. Kisses from Guadalajara

  10. AllieRae avatar

    I like it! So do my boys! :)

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