Show Announcement: House of Blues Atlantic City

What are you doing the night before New Years Eve?  Brian, AJ, Howie, and Nick are performing live at House of Blues in Atlantic City on December 30th! Tickets are on sale this Friday.  Are you coming to the show?

*NOTE: This appearance will include Howie, AJ, Nick, & Brian. This was booked prior to the boys' reunion with Kevin. Don't worry, 2013 will be all about the reunion and the 20th anniversary celebrations!

  1. Claudia Carvalho avatar

    11/30! I'm trying to buy the tkts online, but they're not available yet! What's happening?

  2. Fatima Rivera avatar

    I wish I can go

  3. Tannia Carter avatar

    Hey guys, because they have tours without Kevin? that has not returned to the Backstreet Boys? really do not understand why they do it to one side?

  4. Claudia Carvalho avatar

    I'm flying in from BRAZIL!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  5. Tkd_Sab avatar

    the boys give way more noticed than the new kids do! I won't be going only cause i live to far!

  6. GiaRanKni avatar

    Does anyone know if this is a full concert or what exactly the event entails?

  7. Franca Sparaco avatar


  8. francocarterlittrell avatar

    very nice news for us fans but i will e in family( in france) i am disappointed

  9. christamarie avatar

    also wish ground control would give us more notice on these type of things...like at least a week or 2 to get money together! not everyone can get money for these events in a few days!

  10. christamarie avatar

    cant wait!! this is perfect...i cant go to the NYE show so this will do!! last time i saw the boys here was for unbreakable...hopefully its not all GA like last time! love you guys! :D

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