Raleigh, NC Presale!

The fanclub presale for the following show will take place on Wednesday, April 21st at 12:30pm EDT (9:30am PDT):

6/06 - Raleigh, NC

Stay tuned to BackstreetBoys.com for the most up to date 'This Is Us' tour information!

  1. kateriggs258 avatar

    i would be happy if you guys come to Cleveland ohio. are you adding more dates.

  2. kateriggs258 avatar

    are yu guys going to release more dates or just presales. when are the tickets on sale. i am not trying to be pushy.

  3. blknblufanatic avatar

    The Vienna, VA tickets have not shipped yet either.. any word on when the fanclub tickets will be mailed?

  4. kateriggs258 avatar


  5. kimdorough avatar

    When are the pre-sale tickets from the Orlando concert being mailed? I ORDERED THEM on April, 6th.

  6. wildy82 avatar

    I'm sooooo there! :)

  7. bhank avatar

    When the presale starts, a button that says 'BUY' will appear on the tour page. Click it, it will lead you to the page to search for tickets, on the fan club. No password needed, just be logged onto your FC account. You will search for tickets, accept them if you want them, and check out. Pretty easy. :)

  8. LaDawn avatar

    Okay can someone be clear on how to get the tickets through here before the date of presale comes so I can know what to expect.

  9. kateriggs258 avatar

    has the cleveland ohio been confirmed. i see on livenation.com but it say anything. when does the tickets go on sale and how much. I am so confused. can anyone figure this out. north carolina is too far.

  10. Karina Latozefsky avatar

    Happy 17Anniversary! I love you!! kisses from Caracas-Venezuela!!

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