Get VIP Upgrades at the December Concerts

Looking for the VIP treatment at our shows at the end of the month? Click here to upgrade & we'll take a New Years Eve pic together!

*NOTE: This appearance will include Howie, AJ, Nick, & Brian. This was booked prior to the boys' reunion with Kevin. Don't worry, 2013 will be all about the reunion and the 20th anniversary celebrations!

  1. joyjoy avatar

    why are all the shows in the northeast???? how bout southeast???

  2. MariaMiller avatar

    wish I could do this one but my hubby (who is my drives I don't yet) is not 21 yet and he wont let me go to a bsb consert alone...he never relized he was a bsb fan till me

  3. Tannia Carter avatar

    Yo quiero ir, yo los quiero ver... Por favor ya los quiero en M?xico

  4. Emma Cardenas avatar

    I freaking wish I could go.
    If only I had the money.
    I promise I will start saving up now for things for next year.
    I'm just happy that I'm finally going on the Cruise next year :)
    See you then!! XOXO

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