The Backstreet Boys join popular hard rock band KORN to boycott the purchase of BP oil. Currently on a 35+ North American tour in support of their new album, THIS IS US, BSB promises to embark on a BP free tour.

"I'm devastated by what I've seen first hand and on the news" says Nick Carter. "I've always been a marine activist and seeing pictures of oil-covered animals breaks my heart."

"We just played Biloxi last week and I have to tell you people are really worried down there. This boycott is about making a statement, letting people know how we feel and to stand for something," states Brian Littrell.

Both Backstreet Boys and KORN urge other touring musicians to join their boycott.

  1. vettechnikki avatar

    I'm disappointed in you Boys. Trust me, I'm just as mad at BP as everyone else and I'm a HUGE animal lover so I'm just as scared for all the animals in the Gulf right now being injured or worse. But boycotting your local BP does nothing more than hurt the locals who own and operate those gas stations, it does absolutely nothing to affect the major corporation. And if by chance it DID affect the major BP corporation, and their sales plummeted, and they were forced into bankruptcy, how do you expect them to PAY for all the damage this spill has caused if they're no longer in business and have no money to pay with?? I think you're doing what you think your American fans want you to do, but I don't think we all want to see you doing this. What about all your fans who work for BP gas stations and will lose their jobs because of the major boycotts going on across the country? What about your British fansbase? BP had a lot to do with this, of course, but you need to also look to our president and our government because they are flawed as well and they have a lot to do with how much oil is spewing out right now. They did not act as quickly as they should have, they didn't put into action a plan that could have helped stop the oil from spreading as quickly as it is, and for that, I blame them outright. BP has promised to make amends and they will, but in the mean time, everyone needs to stop pointing fingers, stop the blame game and just work together to find a solution already. Nothing will ever get done, and no fix will ever be found if everyone continues fighting and arguing and pointing fingers instead of working together. Unity is the only way out of this mess. Please re-think your statement.

  2. Melissa avatar

    This is great guys!!! i sooo happy that people with a public voice like your will speak out on whats going on!!!

  3. Snowflake avatar

    @pixiedust12880 I can understand what you are saying and you have a point.

  4. luv4brian avatar

    WAY TO GO GUYS!!! I think it is so awesome you decided to join the boycott. The only down fall is that in doing this a lot of people will lose their jobs, But it is not only BP we need to go after it is the President and Congress. They should have done something a long time ago. BP is not the only one to blame here.

  5. KTBUG (: avatar

    I agree with what pixiedust said, but i think the boycott is more of what the president is doing, stopping all the drilling in the gulf. Then a lot of employees are gonna be unemployed.

  6. Loveless2418 avatar

    I have to agree with you (Pixiedust12880) on this one I work for a BP gas station and don't get me wrong I feel really bad about whats going on overseas too....but by boycotting BP all together people are only making our buisness worse and could go to the loss of my job. We have people who come in and start yelling at us about the oil spill like it's our fault that it happened. If you have a problem with it then it needs to be told to the Upper office of BP not to the people who just work for the money to pay bills. By boycotting the BP gas stations your just going to be putting more people out into the street because eventually we won't have jobs because the boycotting will be the end of our jobs.

  7. mgstar85 avatar

    right on pixiedust!

  8. Pluk avatar

    I hear you Pixiedust. What you just said, is what I tried to say a couple of days ago in a post. I just couldn't find the right words.

  9. pixiedust avatar

    People need to realize that by boycotting BP the only people that will be affected by this are the people who have nothing to do with what is happening in the gulf. The people who own BP gas stations will lose their jobs as well as the people who work in those gas stations. Also, people are being cut from the BP refineries and those people are electricians and mechanics who just so happen to be working at BP. Again, these people have no control over what BP is choosing to do or not do. All of this will only increase the unemployment rate. People need to research and think before they act. If you want to actually help then you should visit an area affected and provide them with business, become an active supporter of the green causes, etc. Another oil leak is happening in Utah and unless we can all ban together and demand another source of energy besides oil we truly aren't doing anything beneficial.

  10. bexley avatar

    Good on you boys ! Every little helps and BP so need to pull their finger out and do something about this !

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