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    Hi everyone! :) Me & my friends are asking for some help. Our friend Anita Arcila is a bigfan of our boy Brian, she was diagnosed with breast cancer recently & she's starting her chemo. Please do tweet; or comment or message our boy Brian or however you guys can possibly reach him. And ask him if she can send / show a lil love for her. :) She's going through a tough time right now & we know that hearing or reading something from her favorite boy, will make her smile & be more motivated to fight that stupid cancer. Thank you so much guys! :) Any help is appreciated. :)

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    It's Amazing ❤❤

  3. Tannia Carter avatar

    It's Amazing, a party with all the fans!

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    Are there any more tickets?? I NEED to make sure that when I get off the plane I am guaranteed to get a spot!

    I love the boys so much!

  5. Mason Twins avatar

    It's official the twins will be there!! Thank you SO much for getting us both in!! Can't wait to help you celebrate 20 years!! <3

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    I got an email. So sad It's only one ticket :(. I'll still have fun

  7. Jamie Lockmiller avatar

    Just received my email! So excited to go. I will be bringing my most prized possesion with me, a sample cassette tape that I received in the mail, back in 1995. Back in 2000, I showed it to the guys at a fan conference and Nick asked to see it. Each of the guys passed it to eachother. Can't wait to show it to them again.

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    Could u send me my invitation please???

  9. H avatar

    Could u send me my invitation please???

  10. frackstar5 avatar

    Getting nervous...please send me an email!!! I've already booked my flight... :D Please?!