1. Hi everyone! :) Me & my friends are asking for some help. Our friend Anita Arcila is a bigfan of our boy Brian, she was diagnosed with breast cancer recently & she's starting her chemo. Please do tweet; or comment or message our boy Brian or however you guys can possibly reach him. And ask him if she can send / show a lil love for her. :) She's going through a tough time right now & we know that hearing or reading something from her favorite boy, will make her smile & be more motivated to fight that stupid cancer. Thank you so much guys! :) Any help is appreciated. :)

  2. When is this thing starting? I don't see anything happening!

  3. I'm gonna be watching. Can't wait! Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

  4. after we buy it where do we go to watch it in 2 hours. Do we have to sign in. Never done this before.

  5. dose anyone know how long this show is

  6. Happy 20th anniversary! Best boy band of all time! Sadly cannot watch as I will be at work :( im sure it will be amazing and cannot wait to see you on tour in the UK! Determined to get VIP this year! Xxx

  7. Gonna try to watch it from home tonight.

  8. Happy 20th anniversary.. I sadly wont be able to watch the 20th celebration, but I will watch you guys get your star on Monday, I can't wait for that!

  9. Happy 20th Anniversary Backstreet Boys!
    I'm soo excited for tonight!

  10. I bought my ticket!! Ill be watching from Montreal :) happy 20th anniversary guys!! 20years of amazing memories, laughter, craziness, making great friends along the way. Your music is timeless but most of all you are 5 amazing men who care about their families and fans and would do anything to make us feel good about ourselves. Proud fan since the beginning and to another 20 years!!! KTBSPA!!!!