In A World Like This Tour: First Look on One Nation

Live Nation's One Nation has the first look behind the scenes of our upcoming In A World Like This Tour! See the first sneak peek here.


Get all of the tour dates & ticket info on the Tour page here. Remember - each ticket order will get a free download of our new song "Permanent Stain"!

Comment to let us know which city we'll see you in this summer!


  1. NicolleCarter avatar


  2. Vienna avatar

    Sweet video, btw! ;)

  3. Vienna avatar

    Please come back to VANCOUVER Canada, we miss you so much! :)

  4. Krystle628 avatar

    I keep saying this I know, but I can't get over the fact that the tour is so small and they aren't coming to CT. Just don't understand why we got skipped. Or why a lot of places got skipped for that matter.

  5. eileen_chicago avatar

    Can't wait for the concert! So excited! :D

  6. bsbnicklover89 avatar

    Please add a CT tour date!

  7. marieke avatar

    Wauw, such a cool video! Thank you
    Hope to see more real soon..... and wait for a Europe tour! :)

  8. Fracksgurl4ever avatar

    they really need more dates

  9. Tyra avatar

    Why are you not playing Colorado?

  10. monroemilie avatar

    I hope you'll add a date for Ottawa! Tickets have been sold so fast for Mtl, please come to Ottawa! I can't imagine not being witness of this tour

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