"Madeleine" Premiere on PerezHilton.com

The next track from In A World Like This premiered today on PerezHilton.com.

Be among the first to hear "Madeleine" right here.

Stay tuned for more premieres leading up to the July 30th album release. We can't wait to get this new music to you!

PS: Make sure you've pre-ordered In A World Like This. The deluxe version comes with the CD, handwritten lyrics, a glow poster, and more.

  1. Shawn avatar


  2. Kevin Pritchard avatar

    so far my favorite track on the album. but One Phone Call is ringing in my ear, and i dunno about you but TRUST ME is my new drinking song at the bar..

  3. Florzinha Juju avatar

    Beautiful song! :)

  4. BrazilLuvsBSB avatar

    Not only I love the song by itself, it's also great to see the boys releasing songs about other stuff than 'boy loves girl'. The message in Madeleine is a great one and the song in itself has a great vibe. Congratulations to the boys for making it, specially AJ.

  5. Tannia Carter avatar

    Esta canci

  6. SweetDelish12 avatar

    I really love this song, this album is going to be awesome.

  7. Ali Shua avatar

    I LOVE IT!

  8. Carix85 avatar

    Me encanto la canci

  9. Carola88 avatar

    Wow great song. can't wait for the album to fall on my doormat 😊

  10. Gianfranco Petroni avatar

    love so much this song

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