1. morning_cloud avatar

    I was waiting for the ticket release for Dubai and suddenly it disappeared from the list! Is it cancelled?!

  2. Treat Me Right avatar

    Where are the dates for Dubai and Istambul?
    We are patiently waiting for more info, please COME to us!!!

  3. Maria Georgieva avatar

    Hey, guys! What about Istanbul?

  4. JANEASTON avatar

    Hello my fellow BSB family I have a question...Finally after 20yrs of waiting I've got myself Gold VIP for the 02 London date...Now I've been to every tour since the start but never had the chance to meet the guys & get VIP...How does the day work?? what time do they do the sound check & as part of the package u get 1yr free membership..My membership runs out in January & I'm not sure if that will count as my new membership for the next yr or do I still have to renew & it only starts after the date u use the Gold VIP ie in april..Also I got 2 Gold VIP for me & my sister does that mean I get 2yrs or just the 1yr free membership...Also what happens when its close to the concert will I get details of where & what happens on the concert day...so can't wait to finally meet the guys after 20yrs....Thanks x

  5. Asta avatar

    Are these the final tour dates in Europe?
    Any concert in LITHUANIA? :)

  6. Tanja Yanato avatar

    Istanbul! Yeah! A perfect match for my husband and me. Visiting the family and having fun with the boys.

  7. Nadia avatar

    BSB + Dubai = match made in heaven :)

  8. andrea24 avatar

    Please come to Slovakia!

  9. dnzuzel avatar

    Turkeeyyyyy oleeeeeeeyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D I am so excited.eventually my dream comes true ^_^

  10. Ewa_Poland avatar

    OMG, I have a ticket to Warsaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I