2014 Backstreet Boys Cruise!!

The party continues!! The boys will be setting sail next fall for an even wilder Backstreet Boys Cruise. 

BSB Fan Club & past Cruisers presale begins January 7th at 12PM Eastern.
General onsale begins January 8th at 12PM Eastern.

For more information visit backstreetboyscruise.com Bon voyage!

  1. coco95 avatar

    would love to go on cruise. roommate wanted!

  2. Harpreet avatar

    Hello Everyone! My friend and I booked a triple occupancy room and we need another friend to come along! We have the OB suite, send me a message if you are interested :) talk soon

  3. myah avatar

    Hi! I am looking for a roommate(s) to share a suit (OB, JS, GS). Contact me please you interested or know anybody who might be interested.

  4. Fenna Phu avatar

    Hi girls, hopefully we are all successful in getting out spot on the cruise. Does anyone know what the access code is for the presale?

  5. BizzleRok23 avatar

    I'll need a roommate for sure! First time cruiser!! How do payments go, everybody keeps asking lol I'll wait until that gets answered. Next week is presale!!

  6. Tyra avatar

    Hey follow BSB fans please go to inkforthepeople.com and in the search bar type "Q in memory" all the profits will go to Qs fam. At least 50 shirts need to sell and the deadline is 1/14. Thank you :)

  7. gem1983 avatar

    Please please do a European Cruise, its so expensive to come over to the U.S :( It would be a dream come true to come along but I don't think my bank balance would love me for it :(

  8. Kia J avatar

    I am so excited!! So mad I didn't know til today, but excited lol to hear of this. I am going! This will be my first cruise, and I am absolutely excited!!! I am SO going!! I hope to have a roommate, but I'll do the match thing if I don't find one in time

  9. Deborah Lee avatar

    Omg my friend and I are totally going to this cruise!!

  10. Mascia avatar

    @Shelly When you are booking the cabin, you only have to choose a cabin for 4 ppl. then you add 4 different credit cards, one for each one of you so you can make different payments! ;-) And if u are member, you will receive a mail to get into the presale.

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